Wii Fit

Reporter: Graeme Butler

For the uninitiated the Wii Fit computer game looks like child's play, but this revolutionary gaming console could turn out to be a surprise weapon in the fight against ageing.

David Reed from the Council on the Aging is conducting a six week trial with a group of seniors to see if there are any noticeable health benefits from using the Wii Fit.

For those seniors still thinking Wii Fit - Wii What? This is a computer game similar to the ones your grand kids play, but there's a difference. Rather than sitting on the couch with a hand controller this invites you to get up on this balance board and do exercise by following the characters on the screen. It can even tell how much you weigh and tells you what your fitness age is.

To see if there really is any improvement, David Reed and project officer Jay Lang, put all participants through a recognised balance test assessment which will be revisited after six weeks.

To help these seniors get the hang of the computer game students from Newman College who know a thing or two about technology are helping out.

What the organisers of the trial are hoping is not only for improved balance but a renewed interest in getting active.

Nintendo Wii can be bought from any good department store such as Target, Myer and Big W. The game 'Wii Fit' comes separately.