What Men Want

Reporter: Jackie Quist

At 35 Amanda Stevens is a real catch -- confident, successful, wealthy, a former Young Australian of the Year she runs her own multi-million dollar marketing company -- but guess what - "Its not what they want", Amanda said.

Amanda claims bitter experience taught her the "Sex in the City" theory is true. "He said openly that what attracted him to me was that I was highly intelligent, successful in my own business and very outgoing personality and after seven years he basically admitted that they were the things that he found difficult to deal with", Amanda said.

Her experience flies in the face of dating site RSVP's latest survey which finds when it comes to their ideal woman, 34% of men rank brains as their highest priority, followed by sense of humour, beauty and a great career.

RSVP's dating and relationship expert Lija Jarvis said, "Australian men have some very definite ideas about what they want in an ideal woman -- sense of humour is always important".

Adam Laws is a plumber and Frank Catinas a businessman. When it comes to women they both know exactly what they want. "You just want a girl that is outgoing, down to earth, you don't want someone who is pretentious", Frank said.

"Someone who can just do something spontaneous, doesn't need to spend like two hours in the bathroom", Adam said.

"Traditional values and expectations around masculinity and femininity are still very, very strong", said Associate Professor of Sociology at Swinburn University, Michael Gilding.

"I think men do struggle with the idea of women being powerful and I think relationships can be unstable for those for those reasons. But I also think there's a lot more celebration now of the idea of relationships being more equal", Professor Gilding said.

It seems men certainly know what they don't want. "This year men have claimed that the ultimate turn off was hairy legs on a woman -- 30% of men voted that as a number one turn off. Botox big no, no; the trout pout otherwise known as collagen lips and the tandoori tan were all things that men really said no girls thank you very much but I prefer the natural look", Lija said.

Even at age 74, punter Peter Mangos insists its still all about looks. "Figure, personality, charm -- actually I watched the Logies and I saw a lot of lovely ladies", Peter said.

"I think ultimately, men want it all, but I think if it came down to it again its them saying that they want a strong, independent woman when often that's actually not really what they want", Amanda said.

"They want nurturing, that's what men really do want", Kelly said.