Weird Diets

Reporter: Sophie Hull

Can you imagine sitting down to a breakfast of raw beef liver? Or existing on rockmelon and nothing else for dinner? It's not a form of rapid weight loss or extreme detox - its' actually the way some people choose to live every day of their lives.

We caught up with two people who have completely opposite ideas about the right way to eat - and it's a pretty safe bet that you won't agree with either of them. And nor do the health experts.

These two extreme eaters both believe in tucking into food in its un-cooked state - but that's where the similarities end. While Anne Osbourne eats nothing but fruit, Scott Wheeler's diet consists predominantly of raw meat.

"Yeah BBQ's can be good it's still a party trick to eat the raw kebab or the raw steak. I'm the odd one out - socially it can be a difficult diet to maintain" says Scott.

For four and half years Scott has been eating around a kilogram of meat every day. All of it completely raw. He believes that's the best way to get the maximum enzyme content of the food, which helps metabolic function. Not a morsel of food passes his lips just because it tastes good.

"I can enjoy a piece of raw beef liver - not for the taste but for the nutritional qualities and the nutritional benefits" he adds.

Breakfast looks like this:

"The only prep would be to cut it [meat] into small slices like this. [Eggs?] Preparation - nothing crack into a glass and eat them rocky style. Occasionally I get sick of all that beef so I'm happy to eat the chicken - raw chicken and it gets the same preparation. Just chopped into smaller pieces."

If the raw beef liver and raw chicken haven't turned your stomach yet - this probably will.

"This is the worm farm. The main purpose of the worm farm is that the way that I eat creates a lot of organic waste so it goes in here to be broken down by the worms but the secondary function is that they make good eating. Not from a protein sense but they're a good source of bacteria.

Even the children in this family sit down to raw beef for lunch (minus the worms). It's accompanied by a glass of unpasteurised milk and some avocado. Nothing is processed in any way. All the meat comes from a local organic farm at great expense.

"I drink lots of vegetable juices I eat lots of coconuts, I eat lots of dairy, lots of butter - fat's important - lots of fat."

As a personal trainer Scott advises his clients on how to follow a modified version of his diet to achieve their fitness goals. Although even he admits - despite years of chomping away on mountains of this stuff - there have been no measurable health benefits as he was already in good shape.

Maybe Anne Osbourne can convince you her life as a fruitarian is a better way to live. Only fruit - not a gram of meat, dairy or grains. Nothing even dug from the ground. And why?

"It's not just for the health, it's not just for the environment it's for the wellbeing of creatures and plants - it's all of them combined" says Anne.

"My older boy eats cooked vegan food plus a lot of fruit - he was on a fruit diet until he was 14 then he made the decision that he'd like to eat cooked vegan food as well. My younger boy eats similar to me and my partner has vegan food."

"The way you eat is a personal choice but the issue comes when you are perhaps exposing children to that style of eating and eliminating key nutrients from their diet." Dietician Susie Burrell is skeptical about both of these lifestyles.

"Fruit has literally no protein in it no essential fatty acids no iron, no zinc no calcium all those essential nutrients we need. There's no science behind eating raw meat and showing that's in fact better, there's no science to show that unpasteurised dairy products are better" adds Susie.

So, the good news is you don't have to survive on worms or figs to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

"It's really important that your basic nutrition and energy needs are met with real food" says Susie.