Weight Watcher Winners

At 118 kilograms, 23-year-old Queenslander, Sasha Job once hid behind baggy tracksuits and a brave smile.

"I had no self confidence. I was very depressed, socially excluding myself. It wasn't others it was myself," Sasha said.

Tonight, this Sasha put that Sasha well and truly in the past.

39-year-old mother of three, Kelly Rogerson was overweight her whole life.

"After I'd lost the weight, my gorgeous husband Marty went to the movies, I said to him gee, these cinemas are fantastic.

"I thought we were in Gold Class and it turned out we were in a normal cinema and it just fit in it a lot easier," Kelly said.

The finalists were selected from one thousand entrants by Weight Watchers as the 2010 National Finalists of the Year for their Healthy Life awards.

Sasha Job was announced as the winner of the 2010 Healthy Life Award.

As an Ambassador for Weight Watchers, Sasha is hoping to tackle childhood obesity.

"For young people trying to address a weight problem it s hard thing to acknowledge and I want to help young people - hopefully with Weight Watchers we can do it together," Sasha said.

Managing Director of Weight watchers, Joseph Saad said that these were the candidates they looked for.

"We look for women who can inspire other women to do the same thing and we look for women who can be good role models, not only for their families but others around them," he said.

It took me 18 months to lose the 34 kilos and I've never put it back on and I never will put it back on," Sarah said.

Reporter: David Richardson

The 2010 Weight Watchers Healthy Life Awards saw a fairy tale finish for five former fatties.

The finalists from each state competed for the Weight Watchers ultimate prize.

State finalist for NSW, Sarah Cohen lost 35 kilos from her once hulking frame.