Weightloss Women

Reporter: Josh Fajzullin

Thirty four women, eight weeks, one challenge. Beat the bulge the best you can. It's the Biggest Loser in the burbs.

They're women who've let the kilos creep on but are determined as a community to turn their weight and their lives around.

Che Henare weighs 105 kilos. Her biggest obstacle is food, chocolate especially.

"I was just sitting there watching TV thinking you don't want it, you don't want to eat it, I ended up going to bed and getting up in the morning. I was so proud of myself - it's a daily struggle", said Che Henare

For 10 years she's been morbidly obese but when she returns home to New Zealand for holidays, the plan is to be unrecognisable.

"I'm wanting to go back much lighter much healthier just want to be like tadah!", said Che Henare

Roselle Paraha weighs 85 kilos. Her biggest hurdle is motivation.

Lisa Mahuika weighs 96 kilos. A mum of six - healthy eating and exercise has taken a backseat.

"No more excuses, no more excuses, I've been my own worst enemy for a long time", said Lisa

With high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a heart condition, staying this size isn't an option.

At 168 kilos, Eileen Phillips has the most weight to lose.

"At the end of the 8 weeks it will actually be my wedding anniversary and we will have been married for 8 years so I'm excited about that. I want to be able to run around with my daughter and take her to the park and not get tired", said Eileen.

In total, the group weigh more than 3 tonnes. In eight weeks time, .who knows.

At the end of week one and already our girls are hitting walls. These early morning boot camps are intense incorporating 4 to 5 sessions a week.

Nikkie Wanoa formed the Coomera Ladies Challenge through word of mouth and Facebook. She says with the right group of people, sponsors and incentives, organising your own challenge is the easy bit.

"There is a prize. It's a small amount we've each put in $50 and that goes towards $500 for the winner", said Nikki.

Well fast forward the clock eight weeks and here we are at the final weigh in, the final boot camp, and we find out how the girls went.

Lisa, Roselle, Eileene and Che lost 42 kilos. The whole group lost 150 kilos. Shaving more than a 1,000 centimetres off their bodies. Eileen is the winner, of this biggest loser.

The end of one challenge, now this group wants to do another eight weeks. and burn off another 150 KG's.


Coomera 8 week challenge

You can join the challenge. Search coomera 8 week challenge on facebook.

Contact: roselle paraha