Reporter: Madeleine Kennard

We've all seen the ads and we have all been tempted to buy those TV products that make big promises.

"Yeah I believe what they are saying there have been times where i have picked up the phone and at the last minute gone oh no maybe not." Says Kirsty

But do they deliver?

"Sometimes they seem to exaggerate the abilities of the products that is probably why I haven't bought before because I wasn't sure what they were trying to sell me will actually do what they say it will do." Says Karen

We recruited sceptical mums to test drive the latest TV products.

We've armed Karen Opel mother of four with the swivel sweeper, h20 steam mop, shark steam cleaner, the magic bullet and the snap and slice

Kirsty Innes is testing the beauty and exercise products - the Ped egg, Proactiv, Zumba, knock out abs, sheer cover, reclaim face creams and the shake weight.

And this actually feels fantastic, lovely and light and not greasy at all

"TV selling works because people are getting the benefit of shopping from their home when they get the product they can trial it and they can enjoy it and they can keep it and if they don't enjoy it they can send it back." Says Colin

Last year we spent over a billion dollars buying products from the tv- Colin Jones from Guthy Renka is one of Australia's biggest TV product retailers - they import the products from America and sell them directly to us through the box.

"No doubt about it Proactiv and Zumba are key products but we have lots of other products as well for the household, kitchen and for fitness.

Zumba has become a world wide phenomenon - with its unique routines it's helped millions dance away the kilos.

We have got Zumba two and it is going to be bigger and better.

"It is new it is exciting it's invigorating it focuses on getting the adrenalin flowing so you can walk out of the gym bouncing around and it makes you feel good all day." Says Colin

Most of the products I used I didn't mind using them how ever there are some products i certainly wouldn't pay for I certainly would buy." Says Karen

Overall I think most of the products were quite good there were a couple that didn't make the grade.

For the past twenty weeks our mums have sliced, juiced, danced and steamed - before rating each product out of ten.

"Zumba I rated nine out of ten because it was so much fun and because I could get the girls involved as well." Says Kirsty

"I rated the reclaim product an 8 out of ten because I think I need to maybe have a few more wrinkles for it to do a really good job." Kirsty continues

Kirsty's standouts were the proactiv which costs $29.95 and sheer cover mineral makeup $59.95.

"The product I liked the least was the shark steam cleaner. it just didn't seem to have any real application other than a heavy bottle of water that you carried around." Says Karen

"The smaller shamwow the bluey purple coloured ones we use that in the kitchen. We found that the regular kitchen sponge that we used versus the shamwow the shamwow was twice the size and held about the same amount of fluid." Karen continues

Karen gave most of her products top marks- but her favourite was the magic bullet at $130.

"Out of all the products we have tried the magic bullet has been the best value for money. Easiest to use, easiest to clean and it will be used regularly in our kitchen." Says Karen

And it seems the trial has helped Karen clear away her scepticism.

"I will remain sceptical on products sold on TV, because half of the products worked really well and half the products didn't do everything they said they would do so it is a lot of money to spend when you don't know exactly what you're getting." Says Karen