Top 100 Suburbs

Reporter: Josh Fajzullin

It's an insight into what the experts think the best advice on where to buy from the best brains in the property business. Forget rummaging through the real estate guides each week, tonight we've done your homework for you. We've asked our experts to pick the suburbs that they expect will grow particularly in the short term, so over 12 months.

The Australian Property Investor Magazine call it their hottest 100. Sub Editor Vanessa De Groot; "The factors that can contribute to a suburb being a hot spot are its affordability or the fact it's undervalued in comparison to other areas, gentrification might be occurring in the area."

But before we gaze into this year's crystal ball, how did last year go? "Every suburb in Victoria that we picked, that we talked about last year grew. Footsgray, Faulkner and Carlton had the best growth of around 14 to 16%." Matthew Gross is from National Property Research. He says while values are softening, mainly the bottom end. It's still a buyer's market. "We have seen reasonable growth thru 2009 which is a reasonable effort given we had the GFC. Since then we've had stimulus come out of the market, and we're now starting to see prices come back a little bit and we're also seeing volumes drop. We need to be looking at property for the long term anyway."

From the hottest 100 we've picked out the scorchers. 11 suburbs nominated by more than one expert. In Victoria, Melbourne's trendy bayside suburb of St Kilda takes top spot. "It's got all the attributes one would want; its close to the city, its close to the beach, it's got a great lifestyle. And generally they have good reputation, lots of people want to live in St Kilda and St Kilda east.

In South Australia, 7 experts gave Seaford and Christies Beach the thumbs up. Both south of Adelaide's CBD. "It's considered to be a bit more affordable than inner city suburbs of Adelaide and there's infrastructure happening there as well as population growth. There's a duplication of the southern expressway, and there's also an extension of the rail link to the area"

In W-A, you're sure to strike gold in Perth's western suburbs. "The hot picks for WA were Scarborough and Subiaco, Scarborough is supposed to have a lot of infrastructure going in, that's going to make it the what's being termed the Bondi of the west, and Subiaco's already one of Perth's trendiest suburbs."

The sunshine state of Queensland shone brightest with the most hotspots in the country. 27 suburbs tipped to boom including the transport hubs of Kedron on the northside. "You need to think about maybe not even what Kedron looks like at the moment but what it will be." And Woolloongabba. Its got public transport happening there with the Clem Jones tunnel, it's got facilities, its considered to be the hospital's precinct of Brisbane and its also undergoing urban renewal." Redcliffe also made the hottest 100, one of the most affordable suburbs on the Redcliffe peninsula." There's public and private money being put into the area, and a little bit of development and even maybe a new demographic coming in there."

In New South Wales, the renovating suburbs of Alexandria, Canterbury, and Darlinghurst are all expected to perform well. "A lot of those suburbs have gentrification happening. They've got infrastructure, they're in good locations all close to city they're all expected to keep rising in value." "We also had Darlinghurst, and location transport and amenity is supposed to be the 3 main drivers of capital growth there."

In the smaller states no scorchers, but Lynham and Bruce did make the top 100 for the ACT. In the Northern Territory, Stewart Park. While in Tasmania, Invermae. "Are you guaranteed a winner with these picks?" "You need to do your own research. You should never just look at it and buy straight away." advises Vanessa. But you shouldn't wait either. In the last 2 years of the hottest 100, the media house price has risen from $438,000 to $571,000. A jump of more than a $130,000. "It's always a good time to buy or sell as long as you pick the right property."

And you'll find the full list of the hottest 100 in the Australian Property Investor Magazine out now.