Tip Shop

Reporter: Graeme Butler

As the old adage goes one man's trash is another man's treasure and it couldn't be truer here. Direct Recycling in Balcatta is a treasure trove of pre-lived bits and pieces.

"Aladdin's cave is the best way to describe it because you just never know what you're going to unearth every time you move around you turn something over and there's a treasure you never expected to see" Judy Scott is waste services development officer at the City of Stirling which set up the recycling shop, to save all of this ending up as landfill.

All the goods for sale have been dropped off by people who no longer want them. They're not sourced from the tip or curb-side collections. Laurie and Marie have travelled all the way from Mandurah to drop off pre-loved bits and pieces. "Its' recycling everything and people come here what ever someone else's junk is their treasure re-use it's all about using things it's very clever we're such a throw away society I think it's great"

What's not here isn't worth having, literally everything from the cradle to the grave. "What have you bought here? Ah a coffin going to use it for either a coffee table or an esky for drinks around the Barbie I reckon excellent, how much did you pay for this $50 fifty bucks! Bargain is it used? I'm certainly hoping not we've looked inside there's no dead body all good"

As well as the coffin, Dave managed to pick up a stack of furniture for his house all for about $250. "I think it's bloody good value yeah I've been down here today looking for a few bits and pieces a bit of a bargain picked up a bar for outside I've picked up the coffin obviously and I'll continue to have a look around see what else is available"

Robin has come to drop off some unwanted gear but admits he often leaves with more than he came with. "We've done the veggie garden at home with all the wood and planks and stuff we've got from here recycled bricks we've taken a bath back home for our dog to bath in"

What you won't find in this shop are prices it's up to you to track someone down to find out but to give you an idea this aquarium is just $40 over here this chair and vase they're yours for just $5 each.

Not everything that is brought in can be sold or recycled but Judy says either way its better here than in the bin. "Quite often when grand dad's passed away and they go in and empty grand dad's shed it's full of old chemicals and all sorts of old things a lot of it's in jars and bottles haven't got labels so you can bring it down here and you can leave it in our household hazardous waste area and the city will take care of it all for you for free"

Sam what are you sorting out here? "Just mainly the paint and all the household chemicals stuff that's flammable corrosive all sorts of stuff that really needs to be disposed of properly"

And just like all the bits and pieces that find their way to the recycling shop, the customers come from all walks of life too.

"You get a wide range of people, people from pensioners to people that have money we've had a lady come through in a pink Rolls Royce they tell me all ages young and old and they all come down and they all love to look for a bargain"

Direct Recycling Balcatta

Open 7 days a week

Monday to Sunday 7.30am - 4.00pm

238 Balcatta Road, Balcatta

For further information on any of the above services please contact the City of Stirling on 9345 8555.