Thin Fashion

Reporter: Sally Obermeder

They can be the toughest parts to trim and the hardest parts to hide, but the latest fashion with in-built lift tuck technology gives you just that -- a lift and a tuck just where you need it most.

The Brazilian butt lifting jean by Sawary, says image consultant, Annalisa Armitage, is the South American secret. "With the traditional pair of jeans you've got a lot less material. With the butt lift you've got a stack of material which allows for the butt to be lifted through, rather than flattened", Annalisa explained.

"In order to get a nice round, firm butt what we need to do is target it from three different areas. There's extra fabric underneath the bottom pushing it up; we've got the extra stitching around the sides and a lot of women need that in order to push it in, so stitching hidden throughout the pockets and also the rounded line pushed the butt down, giving a nice round firm look", she added.

And the effect is a substantial boost, which importer Danielle Lopes de Melo discovered is what Aussie women are asking for. "I'm Brazilian and a lot of girls they come and ask me how to get this Brazilian bottom. I explain to them it's all an illusion, it's all about the jeans and that's why I decided to bring these to Australia", Danielle said.

Sonia Miller, General Manager of Katies says, "The tummy area is a problem area for a lot of women".

Sonia says a typical pair of jeans "Sits at the wrong part of your body, the widest part of your body, really accentuating your tummy and your muffin top".

To fix that is denim created specifically to suck in the stomach and slim the thighs. 'This is our new, fabulous fit, denim that has the inbuilt slimming panel. This technology has a great, elasticised, inside waistband all the way around so what it does it stops that gaping at the back and it really slims your side all the way through to your back", Sonia said.

"What happens is it sucks in all that belly so it sits nice and flat, all while looking like high fashion denim -- and for under $50", she added.

"As soon as you put them on, you automatically feel thinner than you are and it just holds everything in place", she said.

Holding, targeting & toning is the first clothing that helps you tone your muscles while you wear it. Tracy Novak is Reebok Apparel's Business Development Manager and says, "Easytone Apparel is all about getting an extra workout while you're going about your daily chores, whether you go for a walk, whether you're doing your housework or going to work -- you get an extra workout".

"The resistone band wraps around the buttocks and the back of the legs and they work by pushing against the muscle, making the muscle work harder and giving you the extra tone. They work the hips, butts and thighs on the bottom. In the top its the back fat area that we work on, so the bands wrap through the middle of the back, they press against the muscles in the back and they make the muscles work harder in the top", Tracy said.

In addition to gym gear, the range includes casual fashion tops for every day use. "You can wear the items without anybody knowing you're actually getting the extra workout", she added.

"Slimming fashion is all about losing the kilos instantly", Annalisa said.

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