Reporter: Graeme Butler

There's a not so quiet revolution going on in kitchens around Perth it's a machine that promises to change the way you cook and eat but there's no sugar coating the price of this little marvel, it's almost two grand. "Initially the cost really was a shock but then if you look at it over long term and the amount of cooking I do it ends up saving you money" Carmella is a thermomix convert, she's had her machine for a couple of years and swears by it. She's whipping up minestrone in minutes. "It does suit my lifestyle and the fact that I like to eat healthy and I like to have preservative additive free food this enables me to do that without having to stand in the kitchen for hours"

The thermomix story is as remarkable as the device itself. Grace Mazur from Balcatta introduced Thermomix to Australia ten years ago after seeing one while visiting her native Poland. On her return she lobbied the German company to award her the rights in Australia. Last year she turned over 51 million dollars in sales, that's 73 machines sold every day.

So what is a Thermomix? Well according to the company it's a kitchen on your bench, doing the job of a host of other kitchen appliances- steamer, blender, grinder, mixer, bread maker, the list goes on. The thermomix cooks as well as chops, blends and even weighs the ingredients as you put them in. Grace says you can whip a three course meal in minutes, so lets' see it in action first a strawberry sorbet. Within 90 seconds there's sorbet ready to eat, the cost for the sorbet-just 40 cents a serve.

Next Wendy's making pumpkin soup, the onion cooks for 1 1/2 minutes. It's being stirred as it cooks, the soup cooks for just 15 minutes and costs 44cents a serve.

To cap off the meal mushroom Risotto - great to eat but usually tedious to make.

Mushrooms, wine, and homemade stock go in and that's it the thermomix cooks and stirs for 16 minutes, add some parmesan cheese and it's done for $1.00 per serve. The hefty price tag might put of some would be cooks-yet so far 50,000 people have bought a thermomix in Australia.

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