Reporter: Cassie Silver

It's the crippling disease affecting 6.3 million Australians. Rheumatologist Dr Jack Edelman says arthritis is the leading cause of disability in Australia and it's costing our nation billions.

Nearly one in three Australians has arthritis or other muscle and joint conditions and that number is on the rise. Troy Hughes has battled agonising muscular aches and pains for over 5 years, it means he can't stand for long periods and has had to put his home renovations on hold. "There's been so much to do here I either spend my day up a ladder or crouched down on my all fours same result you're putting your calves under a big load"

After trying all sorts of products and treatments Troy says he found relief in a product called Thermalife.

The cream has no smell, no heat sensation and according to Troy no more pain.

"Thermalife is a great new choice for people with arthritic pain or muscular aches and pains" The arthritis cream was developed here in Perth and it has one unique ingredients others on the market don't.

Unlike other topical creams ThermaLIFE contains peptides. When applied to the skin, the peptides inhibit pain messengers from reaching the brain and this results in less pain and inflammation. The manufactures say they used last year's masters games in Adelaide to test the product widely among a group of people with muscle aches and pains. "We surveyed a group of people with muscular aches and pains and 70% of that group came back and told us they achieved acceptable pain relief within 30 mins of using Thermalife cream"


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ThermaLIFE® is the only topical pain reliever in the Australian market that has a peptide active ingredient. ThermaLIFE® is formulated using a naturally-derived protein which, through a proprietary process, is broken down into a small molecule peptide complex and mixed with trace minerals. The active ingredient in ThermaLIFE® has shown activity against many key pain and inflammation pathways and may provide you with relief from muscular and arthritic pain.

The unique peptide formulation is also unique because of what it isn't. ThermaLIFE® does not contain heat-generating ingredients that can irritate the skin, or plant oils that can stain clothing or have a strong odour. Instead, ThermaLIFE® is a well-tolerated, non-greasy formulation with a mild scent. Except for the pain relief, you'll barely know it's there!