Jennifer MacNab was a Telstra customer for less than a week, but even that was enough time for her life to be tormented and turned upside down.

The single mum of two signed up with the Telco back in July -- a bundle deal offered by a door to door salesman - but she decided to cancel before the end of the cooling off period. It only heated things up. "My first bill which was for $49 so I decided to ring them and ask what was going on", Jennifer said.

The $49 bill was followed by a $249 bill, which was followed by an $874 bill -- this time for a late cancellation fee. "You're now trying to charge me a cancellation fee for a service that has never been activated and for a service I have never used", Jennifer told Telstra.]

Eventually Telstra admitted she owed them nothing, but then came the most ludicrous chapter in this saga -- a bill from the telco's debt collectors chasing Jennifer for the amount of zero dollars. "I thought was funny at the time, had a big chuckle. Then the next day at work I received a phone call from the debt collector", Jennifer said.

Jennifer was told to pay or face further action. But just how do you pay for nothing? It's bizarre but it could mean the hard working mum -- who always pays her bills on time -- may be stung with a bad credit rating.

This afternoon Telstra denied that would be the case, apologising for any inconvenience or confusion their mistake may have caused. "I sent the paper work in, I did all the right things, exactly what they asked me to do and the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing", Jennifer said.

One big mess, one big telco, one less customer. "The company is just far too big", Jennifer said.

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