Stolen Phones

Reporter: Jonathan Creek

They can be stolen or lost in just seconds that's why an Australian is reporting their phone missing or stolen every three minutes find it quickly and you not only recover your phone you recover everything on it, everything a criminal needs to steal your identity. But now a new weapon, what was once the stuff of Hollywood movies is being used by everyday Smart phone users to hunt down a lost phone or the thief that has stolen it. Built into your phone, satellite technology allowing you to track your stolen or missing phone with frightening accuracy and its free

Rolande Levitts was on a tram when his IPHONE was snatched from his hands, using the phones FIND MY PHONE APP he traced the phone to this house 20 minutes from where he worked. We went with Rolando to find out if he had the right house, at first the young man denied any knowledge of the phone. But when we went back, the smart phone outsmarted their story admitting they bought the phone

Mark Donohoe knew exactly what to do when his daughter Tahira told him her phone had been stolen at a sporting event. He and his daughter got in the car and chased the signal, within minutes they had tracked the phone to this moving bus "There was no arrests made, we got the phone back, the kid that took the phone was remorseful and it paid for itself on that one occasion.

It actually can assist police in identifying where a phone or handheld device may be and that information with other technology and other enquiries Police make will assist them greatly in tracking down stolen property.

Police have welcomed the extra help with mobile phone theft doubling in the last year tracking software has become a useful tool but Police cant act straight away, NSW Detective Acting Superintendent Andy Waterman explained "Police have to make other enquiries just to confirm where that device may be, there are still enquiries that have to made before Police can attempt to recover the device."

But just how accurate is it? Joseph Hanlon is Deputy Editor of Tech reviewers: CNET Australia we took his HTC Smart phone out onto the streets of Sydney to the corner of George and Goulburn Street to be exact "I can log onto HTC Sense dot com, I can request the server track my phone using GPS, then I have a pin point reference of where the phone is and if I zoom in on this map here I can see the phone is located on George Street right near Goulburn street." He said