Slim Stockings

Reporter: Sally Obermeder

"It has been the best results I have had to try and loose some weight." Says Marlene

"It actually reduces my body size by up to three inches." Says Troy

"It is for all women, all shapes and size and it is no effort at all." Says Julia

It promises you can drop a dress size and reduce cellulite - throw away the fad diets, no need to exercise.

"I have lost around three centimetres around my tummy area and about two centimetres each thigh." Says Marlene

Peachy pink leggings sold out in the UK within two weeks and now Julia Kayrouz is responsible for bringing them to Australia.

"It is really unique because there is nothing actually here in Australia like it not only does it instantly slim you but it does actually reduce your body size and measurements in 21 days and that has all been clinically proven." Says Julia

"It works by having a unique 3D weave technology in the fabric it actually micro massages the skin and this micro massaging action actually gets deep into the skin and actually releases the active ingredients in the product." Says Julia

Clinical tests showed eighty six percent of woman who trialed the peachypink leggings for three weeks, eight hours a day reported reduced cellulite - and found they had a total reduction around the thighs, hips and waist of seven point six four centimetres.

"I thought I will purchase it and try it out, I have no time anyway to go to the gym so i thought why not. I will have it on all day and try it out." Says Marlene

Busy stay at home mum Marlene Geha wore the leggings for three weeks and couldn't believe that by changing nothing in her lifestyle or diet she shed centimetres.

"It has been the best results i have had to try and loose some weight. It is not hard at all you just put it on and forget that you are wearing it because they are so comfortable." Says Marlene

"You know what it sucks it all in, the honest truth it just pulls you all together it gives me great support while i am working as well." Says Troy

They will cost you $70 a pair and they aren't just for women. Peachypink max-core comes in a t-shirt style for men.

"I wear it under my dinner suit when I am out at functions People wear it at the gym I have tried it at the gym and it is hot you can feel things working." Says Troy

"It sounds very science fiction to me that something in a stocking will cause enough massage to get rid of any cellulite." Says Joseph

It's a much cheaper alternative to going under the knife, but cosmetic surgeon Joseph Ajaka says be warned, don't get sucked in by false promises.

"You can prove anything with a clinical trial if you really want to , it is not approved by a credited medical journal and until it is it won't have any effect in my eyes. I do think this is a gimmick and there are a lot of companies out there wanting to take advantage of womens insecurities." Says Joseph

Each year we hand over 45 billion dollars on creams and beauty products in the pursuit of body perfection - and despite the lack of long term scientific proof, it hasn't stopped thousands of hopefuls willing to believe it can work wonders.

"I recommend it to women especially these days people don't have time to go sit on exercise and try and go on a diet which half the time doesn't work. Just try it. You are at home, no time wasting just put them on." Says Marlene

"We are so confident with the product and the results that we have seen that we will actually give you your money back if it doesn't." says Julia

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