Shopping Announce

Reporter: Jackie Quist

It's been another tough day at the office for Gabby Leibovitch, boss of the country's number 1 online department store.

Daily deals up to 90% off retail price are proving irresistible for time poor, bargain hungry, consumers. Now Catch of the Day is set to treble in size, revealing they will seize on the growth areas of fashion and groceries -- the site's bi-weekly Brand Street Fashion Sale and mega popular monthly Grocery Run is set to explode with up to 75% off food. "We're going to take that seriously and open very soon and give the supermarkets a run for their money. So Coles and Woolworths, keep an eye on us because we're coming in. The other one is fashion -- everyone spends a lot of money on clothes, sports and jewellery, also cosmetics and were hitting that space in a big way as well this year", Gabby said.

In just five years Gabby has turned a $50,000 idea into a $120 million juggernaught. There are huge savings, passed onto consumers through bulk buying from 900 suppliers, including Reebok, Lego, Sony, Wii and Fisher Price.

Today's special offer will see Easter eggs delivered to your door in time for Easter. "Now live on Catch of the Day we have unbelievable chocolate treats form top brands like Cadbury and Mars -- especially for Today Tonight viewers -- is up to 90% off", Gabby said.

With a Catch of the Day deal now being snapped up every 14 seconds, Gabby is amazed traditional retailers have been slow introducing online selling. "I think they-re 5 - 6 years too late, but they concentrate too much on retail and they just don't understand that the future is online. It may be only 4% right now, but in the UK and USA its close to 10% and in three years it may be 25%", Gabby said.

"I promise you we will be around and we will keep on growing -- they're not going to take the No 1 crown from us, that's for sure", Gabby said.

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