Saving Avengers

Reporter : Clare Brady

They may look like your average couple next door but don't be fooled. Behind the fascade this number crunching duo are self-made suburban super heroes the enemy of out of control household bills. "Let's face it finances might not be your favourite pass time but if your personal budget is bleeding it's up to you to take the first steps to turn things around. "No one needs to worry about these finacial times we will get your out of debt fast." It's a big claim but husband and wife duo, Kris and Melissa Bondin are determined to do it. Kris is a finance broker and believes by sitting down and looking for hidden better deals on bills is the first step in clearing the clouds.

Many Australian families struggle and savings are slim most spend almost half of their income to pay off debt as they juggle bills. And it's causing sleepless nights. A report shows the financial battle is worrying Australians more than people living in the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico or Italy. And Australians even stress more about rising living costs than the Irish, and Ireland is in the grip of an economic meltdown.

"Keeping it simple is the whole key to this" Scott Parry is the finance broker and owner of Crown Lending. "We always perform better as humans when we've got some accountability and self discipline built in so we just find that when you go to the gym you're going to get better results if you've got a personal trainer and we just apply those same philosophies to peoples money."

For a decade he's been crunching people's bills.

So from an expert here's a few tips.

Start a cash diet

Reduce impulse buys-"Reducing impulse buys is critical. These days we're such instant gratification culture, we want it now and dont worry about paying for it later because in 24 or 48 months things will be different. well reality is they rarely are." ...that means... "Get rid of the credit card because we as humans whatever we have direct access to, if we go to a cash based system a visa debit card is perfect."

Get a personal financial trainer to report to to keep you in lineMake your money work for youLook for the best loan not necessarily the cheapestBarefoot investor Scott Pape is unrelenting when it comes to saving a coin. "Look it's a good idea to go out and get help, but they're not doing it for free, they're getting kickbacks." And he believes if you want to save even more just roll up your sleeves and do it yourself and forget forking out for commissions. "My view is the only way that you're going to get on top of your finances is to take personal responsibility. You can do all this with just a number of clicks. and that's more powerful than getting someone to do it for you."

There's plenty of sites to choose from Rate City perhaps compare credit card rates there, then pop onto Info Choice and navigate your way to a better budget. Scott says "My three commandments for long term financial success is DIY - do it yourself. Take personal responsibility, learn all you can and then apply it, day in day out, that's what's going to make the personal changes."

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