Pizza Tests

Reporter: Helen Wellings

The all-time favourites?

The super supreme has been really popular forever, .. the Hawaiian pizza really really popular in Australia, BBQ meat lovers." Said Pizza Hut Australia's Graeme Houson

"The Hawaiian pizza, Meatlovers, Pepperoni and also our Supreme." Said Dominos Communication Manager Sarah Broad

But what's in them and how healthy? We studied the nutrients and toppings on them all - those made by the major takeaway chains - Pizza Hut, Dominos, Eagle Boys and Crust and the frozen supermarket varieties - McCains, Coles and Woolworths own brands and Aldi.

"There are more flavourings, more additives then there is actually more food in this pizza so I wouldn't go for these at all." Said Dietician Matt O'Neil

As serving sizes vary between companies, we compared levels per 100 gm, that's a large slice, of salt or sodium, saturated fat, sugar, carbs and kilojoules in Supreme and Hawaiian pizzas. Dietitian, Matt O'Neil of Metabolic Jumpstart


Pizzas are kilojoule dense, like kilojule killers when it comes to energy." Said Matt O'Neil

First, calories or kilojoules .. and carbohydrates that stack on the weight.

"In a quarter of a pizza, you're going to get 1200 kilojules, now put it in times of exercise about 45 minutes in the gym, you polish off a whole pizza and we know people are doing this you've got three hours in the gym to burn this off." Said Matt O'Neil

In a Supreme pizza, highest kilojoules Pizza Hut 969kJ, Crust 968, Aldi 958. Lowest Dominos 892 and Eagle Boys 902gm. Hawaiian - Highest kilojoules - Pizza Hut 1,152kJ, Aldi 966 and McCains 963. Lowest - Crust 796 and Dominos 875gm.

"It depends what you put on your pizza, whether you've got a lot of cheese or whether you've got a lot of meat. we advocate people to have and consume pizza in a balanced kind of way." Said Graeme Houston

Graeme Houston, General Manager of Pizza Hut says more ingredients will obviously increase kilojoules, sodium and fat.

Highest in saturated fat that's linked to heart disease. Supreme Pizzas ...Pizza Hut with 4 gm, lowest Coles 2.2gm, Eagle Boys and Crust with 2.4gm per 100 gm. For Hawaiian, similiar results.

"There is at least 20% more topping. How would you compare your pizza with this supermarket pizza? Clearly there is more topping on the Pizza Hut pizza and the quality of the ingredients is significantly better. There is whole kalamata olives on the top of the pizza, there is NZ mozzarella cheese on the pizza, we've got meat, real meat on the top of the pizza we make our dough fresh every day as opposed to frozen dough." Said Graeme Houston

The supermarket varieties don't fare so well.

"This is a take away pizza, you can actually see the pineapple, you can see the capsicum, you can see the olives in there and you can see some of the quality, but you compare this with some of this frozen supermarket ones I mean, this is meant to be Hawaiian, its only ten percent pineapple and even less. It's only five percent ham." Said Matt O'Neil

Sugar - the good thing is all pizzas are low sugar. Sodium - our daily limit is 2000mg. Highest sodium - Crust 630 and Pizza Hut 581mg. Lowest - own brands from Coles 270mg and Woolworths 340mg. So three large slices can reach your daily limit.

"We've made some significant improvements to reduce the salt and also the fat of our pizzas without altering the taste." Said Sarah Broad

Domino's Pizza Sarah Broad say 60% of their pizzas are now low salt. Pizza Hut are reducing salt significantly.

"We took 10% out this year, we will take out another 10% out next year and we will do thsi gradually over time." Said Graeme Houston

"We now use mozzarella cheese that's 30% lower in fat. Our pepperoni is 34% lower in in fat and they're improvements we are continuing to make going forward as well." Said Sarah Broad

And their ingredients are all exactly measured to a recipe.

"If you're buying a pizza on the east coast, the west coast, you're going to get the same supreme pizza or the same meatlovers pizza, no matter where you go." Said Sarah Broad

"At pizza Hut ... we've got spoons for measuring out the sauce, we have cheese to measure out how much cheese to put on a pizza and it is mozzarella cheese from new Zealand. When it comes to the meat, we have cups for measure out the meat we put in our pizza, we count out the pepperoni." Said Graeme Houston

It's a treat, but only occasionally.

"You've got to have them less than once a week, maybe less than once a month, they're not an everyday food, if you have them more often, one slice limit otherwise the calories, the carbs they just blow out completely." Said Matt O'Neil