New Phones

Reporter: Jonathan Creek

Smartphones are the modern day must have. They are much more than a mobile with message bank. Smartphone's pack more than many household computers.

Since the Apple iPhone took the world by storm three years ago, the rest have been scrambling to catch up. Duncan Riley editor of technology website "the inquisitor" says that day has finally arrived.

"Companies such as Telstra are offering cut price deals that they have never offered before," he said.

The price war is being funded by technology giants, Google and Microsoft, each desperate to eat into Apple's dominance in the Smartphone market.

Smartphones allow you to surf the internet, send emails and run a business on the go. It makes you wonder what they will think of next. Believe it or not, your handset will carry virtual cash and it's only a matter of years away.

"The next thing we are going to see is automated payments from mobile phones so you may swipe your phone across a terminal or a gate say at a train station or to buy soft drink and that will automatically pay for that item," Duncan said.

But with technology turning over at such a rapid rate and there being more phone's to choose from than ever before.

According to Technology expert for the Courier Mail, Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson, Apple have kept it simple. The only phone they sell is the iPhone which is run by their software.


Google, Microsoft and Nokia have taken a pick and choose approach. You can run their operating system on a number of handsets. The Head of Telstra's new devices Richard Fink explains it's all about being able to build the Smartphone you desire.

"Make sure you see the phone and have a play with it, understand how it works make sure the screen size is right for you because you get smaller ones and bigger ones depending on what you want to do.

"If you want more browsing you probably want a bigger screen, more access to social networking communications and more portability you might want a smaller one," Richard said.

Telstra, Australia's biggest Telco is also bracing itself for a Smartphone explosion. With mobiles currently outnumbering people in Australia, it's a massive market with all the major carriers fighting for their slice.

Lets take an iPhone for example which is sort of the benchmark for Smartphones in the market, good internet browsing experience, really good music experience, 1000's of apps and 300,000 applications so you can really just do more then a simple voice call," Jennifer said. This Christmas is quite unique, we have this huge range of new phones coming out and we see a massive price war in terms of the telecommunications companies.