Miracle Fashion

Reporter: Sally Obermeder

Fashion has always been about smoke and mirrors.

The Jeans...

The great thing about these jeans is as soon as you pop them on you will look one size smaller.

The Pants...

You just feel so much thinner and really holds everything in...

The Dress...

Put them on and the weight comes off...

The skirt...

Lose that muffin top we all want

Technology and Trend merging to bring you Cosmetic fashion...Lifting...flattening...smoothing...slimming...

Clothes designed to Hide and disguise your biggest problem areas.

Looks like she's a couple of sizes smaller then she is

"Not Your Daughter's Jeans" boasts A Lift Tuck technology making you look and feel a full size smaller. Celebrity Stylist, Kai Ayoub "The great thing about these jeans is you look one size smaller which is absolutely fantastic."

Sally "Kai, what's so good about these jeans?"

"Have a look at the front. Everything's basically tucked up and sucked in. It looks fantastic. Look at the sides of the leg, look at the front - everything is elongated firm fitted..

This is the tuck technology in the front, everything defies gravity, so its all sucked in gives you that firm look, you want to look great."

Sally "It's all about defying gravity - especially in the back."

These ones lift. And as you can see it's lifted, its firm, and she's got a great bum from this angle.

"You're saying it can flatten in the stomach but lift in the rear." Asks Sally

"You avoid that pancake bum too."

Sally "This is the ultimate black dress, made by SPANX - it could make the pre-party season fast - a thing of the past."

"This is from SPANX, all the technology that you have with your traditional undergarments has been implanted in this perfect little dress as well.

Everything is under the lining - as you can see it's all hidden under there. The seams over here that firms, you've got the fit everything is hidden so you don't have to worry about being uncomfortable and it's the perfect dress you can eat in as well."

"Will this suit all body shapes?" asks Sal

"Basically one size fits all - you don't have to worry if this will fit me. The styling of it is actually fantastic as well. Taking away the zipper and taking away the pocket keeps it beautiful and flat. So you don't have that bulk."

Sal "The Ultimate Pant made by Katie's also claims it can flatten your muffin top leaving you with a smooth slimmer silhouette.

Sonia Miller from Katies "They've been designed that they sit a little higher up in the waist which really helps suck the side bits of your body in - what some people refer to as y our muffin top. Its also fantastic because the waist band has actually been constructed with the body - most denim stretches against it so you really don't have that extra movement up the top."

Sal "What about the fabric what have you used there?"

Sonia "We've used a fabric with extra stretch so you can see it stretches with your body it gives you great comfort but it does make it feel like it holds you in.

At $40 it perks-up your bum without bottoming out your budget. Again here we've got the true working pockets so it gives you all the features of denim but it just helps lift the backside a little bit - sits nice and smooth.

The response to the Ultimate Pants has been fantastic it's beyond what we expected we're going to extend the range of ultimates - add some leg shape and some extra fabrications."

Sally "Katies have also launched an Ultimate Skirt."

Once we came up with the jean, we decided well, this is fantastic expand it and now we have Ultimate Skirt which has the same characteristics. The great thing about cosmetic clothing is its everywhere in the market now.

Sally "Kai says the trend of combining state of the art technology with high fashion is here to stay."

Kai "Its all about cosmetic clothing, and its all about getting that end result without going into surgery. Finding that jean and finding that dress is definitely possible now."



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