Magnetic Treatments

Reporter: Sally Obermeder

It's the new breakthrough treatment that's transforming bodies - smoother, leaner and younger - and there's no needle, no knife and no pain.

"This is ideal for anyone who doesn't want to have Botox, liposuction or a facelift, who just wants a non-invasive treatment to help the ageing process along." Said Dr Joseph Ajaka

Exactly what Vanessa, Narelle and Kathy are looking for....

34 year old Vanessa Vokovic is desperate to achieve smooth, bump free thighs and says "after having 2 kids i found the cellulite in my thighs won't shift and I'd like to see a great improvement in that area." Said Vanessa

50 year old Narelle steel, wants help with a sagging neck, the dreaded batwings and crows feet.

"Well i don't really want to do Botox because i find Botox gives you a sterile sort of look. I don't want to look like a 21 year old because I'm certainly not. i want to look my age but just a little bit fresh in the face. " Said Nerelle

Kathy Marinucci, 32 is trying to get her pre baby belly back and says "my skin is quite loose i have the bulge there and the saggy skin makes me feel very uncomfortable and self-conscious." Says Kathy Very different problems, which usually need very different treatments. not anymore. Magnetic pulse treatment - it's the latest development in pursuit of the body beautiful.

"The Magnetic Pulse treatment heats up the skin to 45 degrees without burning it using uniform radio frequency and a magnetic field. The magnetic field also improves the blood flow to the area increasing oxygen and nutrients. The heat helps melt fat, tighten skin, improve cellulite and reduce wrinkles." Said Dr Joseph Ajaka

"Show me how it works?"

"So this head emits a magnetic field and this creates heat which stimulates the formation of new collagen and this results in tighter skin, reducing lines and reducing the cellulite as well." Said Dr Ajaka "So your basically saying it's the head which is going to cause the wrinkles to disappear." Said Reporter Sally. "Through the formation of new collagen yes." Said Dr Ajaka

Vanessa thinks it's like having a hot relaxing massage "I can't believe how easy it was and relaxing - i just had to sit here and i'm going to have no cellulite." Said Vanessa Weekly treatments for six to eight weeks are required, with sessions lasting 15 minutes for the face and 30 minutes for the body.

A full treatment program starts at $1100 and it's not for everyone "It's ideal for anyone who wants subtle changes and improvement in their wrinkles, an improvement in their cellulite a few cms off their waist, but if you're looking for drastic changes then you still need to look at surgery." Said Dr AJaka

But they'll be no knife for Narelle who's thrilled with the results of her six week treatment.

She's lost 2cms off each arm, reduced the sagging skin in her neck and decreased the deep lines around her eyes.

"The reaction from my family and friends they were amazed they were like what product are out using where can I get it, they just said I look so much fresher, and I little bit more younger which is exactly the results I was after." Said Narelle

Cathy's baby belly is now but a bump - with 4cm being trimmed from her middle "I was amazed at how easy it was. it was like going in for a massage and coming out 8 treatments later with my pre baby belly back. It's made me feel more confident compared to how i used to feel and i feel a lot more feminine." Said Cathy. Impressive .. but have a look at what it did for Vanessa's cellulite. after thinking it was with her for life .. she's lump and bump free just in time for spring.

"It felt like a hot rock massage. i actually looked forward to the treatments ! i was amazed by the results, i actually couldn't believe it worked and even my husband noticed and guys don't notice anything, so I'm really happy!" Said Vanessa Perhaps not three modern day miracles.. but these women are ecstatic about this new body blessing.



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