Magda's 50TH

Reporter: James Thomas

It is one of the most public weight loss transformations. Magda Szubanski has lost an impressive 26kgs. But as we now learn it was literally a life or death decision to shed the weight.

"You feel unable to stop it and you feel it is ruining your life." Says Magda

"Magda is going really really well she has managed to keep her weight off which was a huge thing for Magda because she yo yoed up and down as she said publicly." Says Donna

Once 121 kilos Magda was given an ultimatum from her doctor- loose weight now or you won't see fifty.

"It is like turning around the titanic it is a lot to change." Says Magda

"I think with Magda people can relate to her she is like the girl across the road she is just an average everyday person and she is real." Says Giselle

"I don't want to go back to where I was and I will persist with it." Says Magda

Two years of hard work - diet and exercise, Magda not only made fifty but she feels more energised than she's felt in twenty years.

"This is what I do with my anger now I go in and smash this thing." Says Magda

"I think she is more confident than before and she feels that she has got some control over her food and her exercise which is incredibly important." Says Donna

There is more to losing weight than signing on to a new diet - that's where celebrity trainers Giselle Martin and Donna Aston come in- for Magda it's a state by state assault- a trainer in Melbourne, one in sydney- on standby for whenever Magda touches down.

"She has done so well with her diet with Jenny Craig and she is definitely still following that and she is doing really well with that and it has helped her get to that level where some people can't get to that first level." Says Giselle

"I think Magda's weight loss has been of interest to people because she has been overweight for so long and in the public eye for so long and obviously everyone knows she has struggled with her weight or that she has been very very heavy so i think there is a lot of people that can relate to her she bared her sole to do this so i think a lot of people really respect her for that." Says Donna

Donna and Giselle have been with Magda since she joined with jenny Craig and for the first time they share the secrets that keep Australia's much loved comedian motivated.

"We try to stay away from so much worrying so much about our weight we try to look more at exercising for her health because at the end of the day that will all come." Says Giselle

"And I will persist with it, that is where I am like Sharron I just persist, persist, persist." Says Magda

"This is a side lunge with the medicine ball what we are trying to do is work the muscles and strengthen the muscles at the same time." Says Giselle

"This exercise is really good because you are actually activating fast twitch fibres at the same time and you are getting your heart rate up." Giselle continues

Little secrets that are helping the Kath and I'm star stay in shape- and she's not alone, Simon Cowell, Sigrid Thornton, Dave Hughes, Kat Stewart - all swear by their aussie trainers.

"I am not a celebrity that takes my clothes off I do where a lot of t-shirts so I have to make sure my arms look ok because that is the bit most people see." Says Peter

Peter Alexander has built a multi-million dollar pajama empire - having a personal trainer is a must to keep him motivated and physically fit.

"Once I hit forty I just suddenly realised that things weren't happening, things were happening that were a bit out of my control and it was either now or never that i got on the bandwagon." Says Peter

"You know what my favourite thing about exercising is? the end!" Peter continues

"It does take a lot of dedication I won't lie if it was easy everybody would be in great shape, so it does take dedication but sometimes not as much as you think." Says Donna