Lotto Love

Reporter: Cassie Silver

They consider themselves Lotto's luckiest winners. But this pair didn't have the right numbers; they were in the right place at the right time, lucky in love.

Jan and Colin Pegler are the winners of Lotterywest's 1 in 7 billion "Give Luck a Chance" competition. Instead of having the winning ticket they had a winning love story; a romance that began nearly 40 years ago aboard a cruise ship to Singapore.

8 weeks later the pair were engaged. Together travelled through Europe, camping, hitch-hiking and counting themselves lucky along the way. After a year they returned to Perth to marry in 1975.

Janine Harvey from Lotterywest says they couldn't be happier with Perth's lucky winners who were chosen at random yep once again luck. "The purpose of the competition was I guess to remind West Australian's that luck is all around us and to embrace the idea of luck" The prize is a trip for two to Paris, a place Colin and Jan would like to revisit.

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