Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

Cleaning, ironing, assembling furniture.

The things no-one wants to do.

But what if "Do-it-yourself" could be "Do-it-someone else?"

Behind perth teenagers James Billingham and Ishrak Monwar ... are an army, at your beck and call

"iTasker is a site where you can name what you want done, when you need it done by and how much do you want to pay"


David McGee is a busy businessman who's buying someone elses time to save time for himself, "the price you pay and your time that you are saving, yeah it definitely works out"

The iTasker is a virtual to-do list.

Submit a request and within 24 hours you'll receive a response from a local iTasker ready to go.

at a price YOU want.

James says "the great thing with iTasker is that you name the prcie so for example if I wanted my lawn mowed if it takes 40 minutes I'll pay 25 dollars or something like that. And I can either say bring your own lawn mower or I have my own, and then our itaskers will actually almost "bid" on the task, and they will be like, "I'll do it for $20 or I'll do it for $22"

And if you're worried about safety - all itaskers, go through strict security checks, "send us their CV check them out that's the beginning process then we interview them and we require police clearance ... every iTasker is police clearanced for that security"

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