Ishop Ap

Reporter: Graeme Butler

The new smart phone application or ishop app is like having a consumer protection officer in your pocket when you go shopping.

Jason Collier is one of the first to use the app which gives consumer advice at the touch of a button. "The most useful bit I found is the reminders they have reminders they have reminders for things like you lay bys and warranties particularly the laybys I find very useful you have a certain amount of time to pay that off and have to make regular payments and so having something that can remind you about that is very useful"

"It enables consumers to do all sorts of things firstly they can check what their rights are in relation to refunds, to warranties, to layby agreements to contracts" Commerce minister Simon O'Brien says the free app is great news for tech savvy shoppers. "Every year we have thousands of complaints at consumer protection enquiries about warranties about refunds about layby schemes that don't meet people's expectations"

The app also allows shoppers to dob in dodgy retailers who try to get out of refund obligations signs like this can be photographed and sent directly to consumer protection via the app.

Once the photo is received consumer protection contacts the retailer to advised of the breach and point out what the law is in regard to refunds.. and that puts the power back in the hands of consumers like Angie Kara. "I think if you kind of walked into a store and tried to get a refund from a product and they straight away said no to you you'd be able to get your app out have a look at it know your rights straight up an dbe ab le to say to store manager I'm actually entitled to a refund"

The app is also being used as an organiser for shoppers storing data about warranties and even copies of receipts. Gone are the days of tearing the house apart to find that docket.

While the app is designed for shoppers it's a great tool for retailers too - now everyone should know where they stand

The ishopWA app can be downloaded for free at :