Instant Lipo

Reporter: Sally Obermeder

Dan and Jade, a couple in their late twenties, who despite leading a healthy and active lifestyle, are struggling with bulges that simply refuse to shift.For Jade, it's the classic problem many women face - the muffin top.Surprisingly, the muffin top is also an issue for Dan, as well as man boobs."We often joke that that's what attracted us to each other, that we both had love handles" says Dan.

The procedure they're both doing is Lipo-tite, the latest development in liposuction. Dr Farah Meher-Homji from the Cosmos Clinic ... "they've been using the Lipo-tite procedure in America for about a year now and they've had fantastic results, and we're one of the only clinics in Australia to have it and we've been seeing fantastic results so we're really excited about it."

Liposuction has been around since the 70's but Lipo-tite is the first treatment that allows the fat to be removed and the skin tightened at the same. From $3000, it isn't cheap, but the other benefits make it appealing to patients like Jade and Dan. "It's a walk in walk out procedure, it's gentle, it's safe and it's very effective, and there's minimal scarring from the incision points" says Dr Meher-Homji. "The radio frequency energy is melting the fat cells its tightening the skin and as you can see there's pretty much no bruising."

Both Dan and Dr Farah acknowledge that men having cosmetic surgery is a new and growing area. "Man boobs or gynecomastia is on the increase and men don't want to talk about it, it's embarrassing but… increasingly men are coming in for spot reduction in areas they can't improve with diet and exercise" adds Dr Meher-Homji.Regardless both Dan and Jade are thrilled with the result. "We feel amazing… we're really confident now" says Dan. "We recovered really quickly - I was back at work the day after." "I bought a new black dress that I can fit into and feel really confident and really sexy in" says Jade.

The Lipo-tite procedure is available at Cosmos Clinic: