Home Security

Reporter: Rodney Lohse

They are the invisible force field round Henry Van Beelen and partner Joy's home they say protecting him from violent neighbours. He now believes his cameras are the only thing keeping his family safe from marauding neighbours, who broke his leg in a confrontation. "They just think it's a joke and I think, they think they can just get away with it", Joy said.

And the Van Beelen's are far from alone - there has been an explosion in home security, fuelled by cheap state of the art camera systems that record day and night for days … weeks ... months on end … and they're capturing war in the suburbs. Previously technology like it was the domain of big brother governments and corporations that could film and record our lives without our permission from almost the minute we left our homes -- on public transport, in the street, on the highway and in the office. Now its 'Big Neighbour' watching us in the 'burbs. "I wouldn't say to spy on your neighbours but perhaps to protect your property from your neighbours", said OZ spy's Paul Dunstan.

Paul says a dramatic drop in the cost of in home surveillance has sparked a home fortification buying spree. "Traditionally people put in alarm systems, but they're all starting to switch to CCTV, so we're starting to put in lots and lots of those systems . People can get do it yourself kits like, really cheaply now so it's going right off", Paul said.

Five years ago this kind of technology needed cost thousands of dollars and was used almost exclusively by businesses with big budgets for security. But now less than a $1000 dollars buys you, "Two indoor cameras -- they're good resolution cameras -- and two outdoor cameras that will see at night -- they will see about 10 metres at night and it will pretty much be clear as a bell", Paul said.

And the sky really is the limit -- from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Tanya Berry's home is not only secure but safer due to her top end security system. Motion sensors and cameras keep an eye on any would be intruders but also on any family members who wander where they shouldn't. "We have small children as well, so the house having three levels we can secure some areas off; we can see what they're doing; we can see them out at the pool should we be inside and yes its very good", Tanya said.

And even the budget systems can be viewed 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world via the internet. "It's got a secure log in so that you're the only one that can log into the vision", Paul said.

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