Ghost Rider

Reporter: David Richardson

An urban myth caught on camera, a local area's X-file. A so called ghost rider, haunting a lonely dark stretch of road north of newcastle in New south wales Hunter valley but this ghostly rider has sparked young drivers into a dangerous obession, to see the so called ghost drivers are hitting phenomenal speeds risking their lives.

Paranormal investigator, Murray Byfield visited the ghostly road lemon tree passage during the day, a busy road joining a string of coastal villages he searched for bends in the road clumps of bushes that could hide a machine behind a hoax he found nothing. But it's only at night when the so called ghost emerges, Murray filmed the apparition three times.

An optical illusion which occured as we drove under the 90 kilometre an hour speed limit down the dark stretch. If there are motorcycle riding spirits here, australia's ghost whisperer should be able to find them but not this time. Debbie says "it just feels dead to me. which in ghost whisperer speak means no ghosts? there;'s no ghosts. I don't feel any ghosts." In fact the only nightrider we came across was a local on a small scooter.

"Like all great urban myths this one too is based in history. Two motorcyclists have been killed on this stretch of road in the past 30 years. One a pillion passenger in the 1980's. Just three years ago a p-plater was killed when his trail bike slammed into a car. But now chasing the so called ghost has become a deadly pastime."Police are desperate to debunk this urban myth, dozens of young drivers have been caught speeding trying to rouse the ghostrider. Crime Commander Chief inspector Peter Fox worries about the urban legend, "there's no ghost. the only one they're gonna create is one for themselves." The only spooks haunting lemon tree passage now are holding radar guns and wearing blue uniforms

highway patrols are swarming the road stopping speeding drivers in their tracks. "If you come to lemon tree passage looking for a ghost and lights in your rear window you WILL see lights, but they'll be the blue and red lights of my highway patrol officers."

Now the lemon tree passage phantom has been proved to be nothing more than an optical illusion police are hoping young drivers will see some sense and forget about the so called ghost. Murray says "it's a great story for the locals and there's not alot of urban legends around here so in a way it's good, but in a way if someone gets killed speeding it's anot a good thing at all."