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Fed up with supermarkets milking all the profits, break-away farmers are now running their own stores and passing massive savings back to you.

They say they can offer better quality and cheaper prices from everything from fruit and veges to fresh meat and it's all delivered to your door.

Farmers across the country are fighting back. Fed up with Supermarkets milking all the profits, Break away Farmers are now running their own stores and passing massive savings back to you.

Craig and Janet Robertson spent years supplying the big two supermarkets with Lamb. While the price for their meat sky rocketed at the supermarket, the price they were getting paid remained the same. So now the pair have set up their own business, Havelock farm, selling Lamb direct from the farm gate to you. "Its about choices. What we do is not for everybody and I understand that but I think producers need to know that there's an option. People are prepared to buy direct from the supplier and get a better quality product."

And the Robertson's say the benefits are all round. You get a better quality meat and a better price as they cut out the middle man, and we're planning to expand into pasture-fed beef. We're looking at lots of different 'supermarket' products that we can produce using the same farming methods that we do with the lambs. And there is no real end to it. There's all sorts - there's eggs, there's beef, there's pork, there's so many different avenues and so many different products that people like and love.Supermarkets have had a monopoly over a lot of sales for a long time and this is one way of saying we've had enough of this, lets do it differently. And thats what I'm about. TAKE 'EM ON. Yes, for sure."

John Wiegard has been growing and selling Tomatoes and Potatoes since the sixties, according to him the margins at the markets are now so narrow it's more profitable to sell what he grows direct from his Farm gate. "I do look at prices a little bit at the supermakets when I'm in town just to see whats happening and my tomatoes this season have been around half price of supermarkets all season"

And his customers couldn't be happier. A quick comparison on price, John's vegetables are miles cheaper. Problem is, his Gippsland farm is miles from any corner store! "They're ripened on the bush and sold within hours sometimes of being picked and I dont think you can beat that. Certainly the supermakets cant. The duopoly within the supermarkets provides or forces perhaps the farmer to look for other avenues of supply. "

That avenue according to CEO Braeden Lord are more companies like Aussie Farmers direct, that buy produce direct from farmers and deliver them straight to your door. Making farm gate sales accessible to everyone.

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