Fake Women

Reporter: Rebecca Bergh

Decades ago cosmetic surgery was largely the reserve of older women, trying to turn back the clock.Then breast implants came along and revolutionised the industry and more often than not women wanted the finished job to look natural, like they hadn't had any work done.

There's a new trend, young women saying bigger is better and asking doctors to make their enhancements look fake.Faking it is nothing new. What's new is cosmetic surgery clients asking for their enhancements to look fake.Three months ago 21 year old Gold Coaster Shannon Donnelly upsized from an A cup to a double D. On her five foot one frame, they were never going to look real.

"I wanted them to stand out. I just thought if I'm gonna spend 10 grand I want them to be noticeable" said Shannon. "And decided I wanted to go for the bigger, the biggest I could for my body shape."Pamela Noon is the queen of cosmetic surgery on the Gold Coast, herself a veteran of 80-odd procedures. Pamela says there have been a lot of changes since she started in the industry 25 years ago. Back then the average size breast implant was a modest 280 mls, now it's 450.

"And some girls are going up to 600. I mean the implants now go up to 1000ml that's stock you don't have to have them specially made. They want to look like they've got their moneys worth whereas previously people wanted to look like, I don't want anyone to know I've had something done. So this is a real change in cosmetic surgery."The round-high profile implant is now a bestseller.In America there are dozens of examples of people taking cosmetic surgery to the extreme. Using it to turn themselves into celebrity look-a-likes.

At just at 18, Martin underwent 6 painful facial procedures to look like his favourite singer Ricky Martin. And 24 year old Vived had a boob job and liposuction to get the body of her idol - Carmen Electra.Then there's the celebrities themselves. Addicted to making themselves bigger, better, more perfect or so they think. B grade actress Heidi Montag has made more headlines from her cosmetic surgery than her career, undergoing 10 procedures in just one day.

In Australia we're a little more conservative but requesting body parts like a favourite Hollywood celeb is popular. Pamela Anderson's breasts are the most commonly requested. And Angelina Jolie's lips are popping up on twenty something's everywhere. "Scarlett Johannsen's a very popular one we get a lot for the facial features and also the body shape. Victoria Beckham, a lot of people say she's too skinny and the breasts are too big but so many girls really admire that look" says Pamela.

Where breasts cost upwards of ten thousand dollars, lips can be plumped for upwards of a thousand dollars and it takes just minutes. For extra, they can be tattooed any colour you like. 30 year old model Kimberly Scott has had her lips enhanced with fillers to make them bigger and permanent tattooing for colour. She's also had her eyebrows tattooed and breast implants. She's not shy about admitting she's had cosmetic work but has had to defend herself to critics who say she's plastic.

"I guess you're gonna cop that no matter what but at the end of the day I don't really care I guess its me… I did it for myself, I didn't do it for anyone else" says Kimberly.Shannon's upfront too and proud of it."I've got the fake boobs, the fake hair, the fake nails, the fake tan but I'm still a real girl on the inside" says Shannon.


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