Drop Dress Diet

Reporter: Sally Obermeder

Dietician Jaime Fronzek "this is the summer weight loss plan; want to lose 2 dress sizes for summer? Easy!"

Sally "Australians spend more than $700 million dollars a year waging the war on fat. Between the diet pills and the appetite suppressants, it's an industry that thrives on an obsession with weight. But if you know the latest diet secrets, there's a shortcut to slim, trim and toned, and it only takes a few weeks."

Jaime "summer's nearly here so now's the time to start your weight loss plan."

Sally "Dietician and nutritionist, Jaime Fronzek on two of the latest summer slimdown plans - the reverse diet and the diet that promises to shrink that dreaded muffin top."

Jaime "that problem area around the stomach that a lot of women have, that fat, is actually quite different to the fat on the rest of the body so that's why it's good to have a program that's targeted specifically for this area."

Sally "so specific, it's actually called the muffin top diet, tailored explicitly to help shift that stubborn fat. This diet works by flushing out excess hormones from your system because that's what encourages the deposit of fat around your middle

Sal "so Jamie the muffin top diet, how does it work?

Jamie "the key to the mtd is oats, oats oats oats. I can't stress that enough. So for breakfast go for some porridge with some yoghurt with berries on top, that is the key to shifting those summer kilos."

Sal "for lunch go for a goats cheese salad or if you want a hot meal honey soy chicken with veges and bit of rice."

Jamie "for afternoon tea the key is fibre with a bit of healthy fat. Remember at breakfast I said oats was the key? Well that's what is going to help shift those excess kilos, so oat cakes or otherwise go for some raw seeds.

Sal "for dinner the key is to limit sugar, opt for lean protein like beef or salmon and then add of veges. If your diet needs extend beyond your muffin top, then Hollywood is calling."

Jamie "if you're looking for a new diet this is it. The celebrities are loving it and it' called the reverse diet.

Sal 'based on the concept of eating the smallest meal at the end of the day, the reverse diet has a long list of celebrity devotees - among them Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, Beyonce and Cameron Diaz.

Sal "so what are the rules here?"

Jamie "have the biggest meal of the day at the start of the day, so for example some eggs, a bit of lean bacon some veges like mushies + tomato and wholegrain toast.

Sal 'or you could have something even more substantial like Cameron Diaz's breakfast.

Jaime "Cameron Diaz has this - it's chicken with rice and lots of vegetables. This is going to help shift those kilos for the summer."

Sal: "so this is the kind of thing you'd normally eat for dinner, but you're actually saying have it at breakfast."

Jamie: "absolutely it's going to sustain you right through to lunch."

Sal "for lunch a slightly smaller meal - veges or salad with salmon or tinned beans. Afternoon snacks are critical because you'll be having a light dinner. Hommous with veges or rice cakes with peanut butter. Jaime stresses that you shouldn't skimp the 4pm snack.

Jamie "by the end of the day you shouldn't be that hungry, so a really good meal is something like a salad with cottage cheese otherwise if you feel like you are missing you're breakfast cereals you could have a small serving of a natural muesli a bit of berries and some skim milk. this is really going to help you lose those kilos for summer."

Sal "so nice and light at the end of the day, and don't go to bed with a full tummy

Jamie: for sure, you know it's not that hard. Celebs are doing it and you can do it too but no matter which diet you choose my advice is just stick with it, you will definitely see results!"