Dirty Dumping

Reporter: Cassie Silver

We've gone from pristine to polluted. Mattresses, fences and lounges all dumped and left for someone else to clean up.

Keep Australia Beautiful WA Chairman, Mel Hay says the clean-up is costing WA millions. "In western Australia alone it's well in excess of 20-30 million dollars well in excess just to clean up"

When it comes to keeping Australia beautiful WA is the worst dumping more than any other state. "We're last we're right down the bottom of the pack way way last can I say well above the average for Australia" and with more of us eating and drinking on the move... more rubbish is going out the window.

In the war against illegal dumping - this is ground zero bushland around Perth's northern suburbs... it's not only ugly it's potentially life threatening - Asbestos illegally dumped

Keep Australia Beautiful investigator Cliff Bliss believes some contractors are cutting corners and costs by not dumping junk at the tip.

New legislation means litterbugs will be hit even harder penalties have soared by up to 500 %

In the past, the fine for general littering was $1000.

Now it's $5000 for individuals and $10,000 for a corporation

If the items are considered dangerous to the public or property it could cost individuals $62,000. For companies. Double it. $125,000

And what was once a $75 fine-a cigarette out the window or dropped on the pavement will now cost you $200.

And if you think no-one will notice - you're wrong. More than 6,000 people in WA are registered litter reporters.

And Mel Hay says he wants even more people to join the fight against our dirty dumpers. "All you have to do is get rego number of the vehicle, the time, the date, the place and what the litter was and send it into us and we then prosecute those people. It's dangerous its hazardous it's harmful to the environment and someone's got to come along and clean that up"

For more information or if you would like to register as a litter reporter head to the Keep Australia Beautiful website