Dirty Dicks Theatre Restaurant

It was bawdy, raucous, medievil mayhem and it took Perth by storm.

An old english feast and a live stage show rolled up in one.

Created more than 40 years ago by Perth stage and television pioneers Coralie Condon and Frank Baden Powell dirty dick's was a theatre restaurant that served up as much bawdy humour as it did roast beef and ale.

It opened in Cambridge Street Wembley and became an instant hit with its kings, queens, court jesters, buxom wenches and rollicking good fun.Ian Thornton and David Grew were young fellas back then, working as Dirty Dick's minstrels.

Dirty Dick's closed its doors and moved to Sydney almost 20 years ago. But now, event promoter Tom Tapping is bringing it back home to WA, convinced local fans still want more. Dirty Dick's returns as a touring show. But if there's a hearty apetite, Dirty Dick's could come home for good.

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