Dash Cams

Reporter: Graeme Butler

Big brother's not only watching, he's driving around on a road near you recording your every move. These dash cams are the latest high tech gadget on the market for motorists - they're installed behind your rear-view mirror and continually record as you drive. Have a look at some of the incredible smashes caught on dash cams here and overseas.

But the cameras aren't designed to just capture spectacular smashes, they're being used as insurance evidence that could save you a fortune.

"If you have a dash cam and it's able to show that you're not at fault for the accident you could save up to $1000" Glen Walker from the RAC says dash cams are increasingly being used by W.A motorists to prove liability after a crash. "As the price of these cameras coming down more and more popular for motorists and we're seeing more claims supported with camera evidence" "You're starting off at around $169 for the basic if you want one with GPS they're starting at about $269 your high definition ones are about $400 if you want high definition and the twin camera system are $369"

Fabian Augustine from Westside sound and image is one of the stockists in Perth he says with GPS included the cameras can track your speed and location. "If you get caught speeding and you don't believe you were speeding it's a good way to fight your case in court if you really want to, catch out dangerous drivers or hoons out on the road as well"

Glen George has had a dash cam for about a year, so far he hasn't had any crashes or incidents that have required video evidence, but he knows it's there in case he ever does. "It's an insurance policy basically having that under your belt you can feel safe driving and other road users if there were enough of these cameras around would think twice about causing road rage or cutting people up un-necessarily"

The cameras can record more than 60 hours of footage in a loop before starting again, if an incident occurs such as hard braking or a crash the footage is automatically kept. "If everyone had one of these cameras people would think twice about behaving the way they do quite often on our roads"

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