Dancing Diet

Reporter: Graeme Butler

18 months ago Adele O'Halloran struggled to walk up the driveway... now it's a breeze because she's quite literally is half the person she was. "Stepped on the scales and i weighed 124 kilos i was shattered by that for the fact that i was 19 and my age didn't even come cclose to what i weighted and i know that something had to change i wasn't healthy i could barely breather and i needed to chage something in my life so i lasted longer"

Adele had always been big, her school ball dress was custom made because she was so big... it was a definative moment for the teenager. How Adele managed to shed 64 kilos is nothing short of amazing she was too embarrassed to join a gym so she stayed at home and danced herself thin in the lounge room. "I couldn't move much i couldn't flex i could do anything like that so i started off on the spot just walking up and down with my heels making my leg muscles move and do some work for some changes i gradually got stronger in my legs so i started jumping criss crossing jumping back star jumps anything to get my weight up and down off the floor cos i though the contraction of the muscles would make them stronger and make them work and my heart beat faster"

At the start Adele couldn't even dance through a full song ... but she took it one song at a time, "the first day that i danced for a full song i cried i sat on my loungeroom floor and i cried because i managed to dance for a whole song" before too long Adele was dancing to an entire CD - a full work out in the comfort of her own home.

The weightloss business and industry is worth billions of dollars worldwide is worth billions of dollars a year. How much did you spend? "Nothing, well actually $20 on my favourite CD and then it was literally turn on the radio or turn on my CD and then go for it" While dancing was the reason the kilos starting dropping off, Adele says she also balanced it with sensible eating. "I started off small instead of a big dinner plate i cut my sizes down so they sat inside the inner circle of a dinner plate i went for healty alternatives so veggies i love broccoli"Thousands of dance steps and 64 kilos later.... Adele says she's a new person, "i don't need anyone elses approval i don't need anyone elses judgement anymore i've done i t for me and i'm so haoppy it's just not even funny"