Reporter: Francesca Belperio

There are diets and diets. Seven years ago the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet took the weight-loss world by storm.

Whole communities banded together to prove not only is there strength in numbers but this system by Australia's most respected scientific body was worth rallying around.

Now the same people who wrote the best-selling book have launched mark 2 of their weight-loss wonder plan.

"There are two approaches to the diet. One is very similar to the CSIRO Wellbeing Diet which is high in protein and the other is a higher carb low gi diet. It (the diet) outlines what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It has the recipes there. It gives you a shopping list so it makes it as simple as possible. " says the CSIRO's Dr Manny Noakes.

The 12 week diet including recipes is based on science. Trials by the CSIRO and Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute have had remarkable results.

"We've seen 10-12 kg weight loss over 12 weeks 16 weeks and HPLC, which is a marker of glucose control, has gone down 1 and a half per cent which is a fantastic result," says Professor Clifton.

"What you want to try and do is have a diet that reduces your risk of getting chronic disease and lowers your weight and that's true for anybody," says Professor Clifton.

Obesity doesn't just mean discomfort it brings with it a host of medical complications including diabetes which is now in epidemic numbers.

"We've got 1.7 million Aussies who have diabetes. Half of them don't even know that they have it. Food can be your medicine," says Dr Noakes.

And this new diet has an answer to that problem as well.

"You can reverse it completely if you lose enough weight," says Professor Clifton.

For 10 years grandmother, Angela McArdle had struggled with her weight and type 2 diabetes. She was so heavy she could barely walk.

"Couldn't get off a chair or I couldn't walk to the front door without losing my breath because I was so overweight. I used this walker every day for 10 years and six months ago I stopped using it," says Angela.

It's thanks to the diet that already Angela's dropped three dress sizes.

"I was about 130kilos and I weighed myself this morning and I was 108… and that's been about 1 kilo a week," says Angela.

A typical days eating looks might be oats and fruit for breckie and for lunch you can either buy your own or buy a wrap or a wholegrain roll or sandwich with plenty of vegies.

"This is one of my fave recipes so easy and we've got herbed steak which we're going to have the high protein option here and some baby tomatoes plenty of veg is very important," says Dr Noakes.

And you won't go hungry.... Muffins, bread even desserts are on the menu.

"There are recipes for sweets in the book and it's all about portion size," says Dr Noakes.

"I'm not Masterchef by any means and they're really easy to use. It's lovely food it's not fish and chips or anything, it's a normal diet for people who eat normal food," says Angela.

The book also includes exercises and grocery lists to take the guesswork out of your weekly shop. Dr Noakes says start by buying only foods found on the edges of the supermarket.

"That's where all your primary produce are, fresh fruit fruits, vegies, lean meats, breads."

And buy low gi.

"Particularly on breads and cereals… and the third thing is if you're buying things like stocks, always choose the salt reduced versions," says Dr Noakes.

For Angela, losing weight has been life changing and her diabetes is now under control.

"Lose some weight or stop weight gain, you can make a big difference to your complications," says Professor Clifton.

The CSIRO and BAKER IDI Diabetes Diet and Lifestyle Plan is available from all major book stores.

Published by Penguin, rrp $35.00.