Cellulite Cream

Reporter: Clare Brady

Cellulite and the worldwide competition for a cure are on, and two Australian women are leading the pack, tapping into the deep end of science to launch their separate cures. One claims to rid the body of up to 80% of cellulite.

It's worth their efforts - the market is worth $2.3 billion a year.

Dr Esra Ogru is the lead scientist in the Phoshagenics team, the creators behind the Elxia range.

"You'll see visible effects within 7-14 days", said Esra.


It first went on sale in New York City's Saks, then Bloomingdales and finally this Australian born wonder has floated back home, and as of Friday this cure for women's lumps and bumps is now available at Myer.

Today Tonight visited the nerve centre, the Melbourne lab where scientists have been toiling away for ten years. They've been hunting the Holy Grail to discover what really works in women's battle against cellulite.

"This is where we do our scientific testing. We're given skin by ladies who undergo cosmetic surgery using pieces of their full thickness skin in glass vials, they apply formulation up the top then over time find out how much has penetrated all the way down. It's very scientific.

The mode is it's able to reduce the cellulite structure so you get a change in appearance more importantly, a reduction in fat cell size and this is very, very important when fat cells shrink you get loss of fat a circumference changes. The biotechnology company focuses on drug delivery technology and has developed a technology called TPM, targeted penetration matrix.

In short, it's the way of delivering drugs or any natural active ingredients through the skin. The cream penetrates four to five times deeper than any other. We saw up to 30-50 per cent reduction in the first four weeks which is phenomenal for any product quantified by proper data and calculations behind them", said Esra.

Esra is the new kid on the block and as she said, "We are an Australian company taking on a global challenge".

Lisa Perry is another woman with a science background taking on the lucrative cellulite field.

Lisa explains, "My background is in biochemistry. I came from a background in medical research",

Her Viva Wellness Centres in Brisbane have brought a breakthrough technology to our shores.

"The first stop of the procedure is the ultrasound. The ultrasound creates high pressure in the treatment areas liquefying the fat. All the equipment we've got here has got clinical trials backing up their work so we know that it works, for example the endomology machine is the only equipment with a TGA listing for the reduction of cellulite, so that's the kind of backing we need for the equipment we use", said Lisa.

"Most people are totally unaware of what is available. They think the only option is surgery and surgery is certainly appropriate for some people but this is a great alternative for many. There's no down time, it's very affordable and we can tackle fat, retained fluid, loose skin so we can tackle many aspects of body shaping and it's quite straight forward", added Lisa.

Mandy O'Grady is a convert. She's 30 and aiming to overhaul her body.

Mandy said, "I've lost six point four kilos since I started the process and I've probably lost between ten and fifteen centimetres off my stomach alone which was phenomenal for me. I've lost definitely a size off my backside which is the one thing that is the bane of most girls' existence. I've lost a lot of weight off my legs as well and overall I think we're at about 55 centimetres in total".

Mandy is a prime example of how much women spend on trying to loose the lumpy scourge.

According to Mandy she reveals she has spent thousands of dollars, "I've tried creams and brushes and all kinds of things. I've actually had endomology done before but just did not find it as effective as what I have done here. It really is amazing what it can do".

But just before you reach for the chips thinking there's an easy solution for bad habits, .think again. It doesn't work unless it's a partnership, have a reduction in portion sizes and watch what you are eating and are doing the exercise, These are so crucially important.