Carbon Tax

Reporter: David Eccleston

You might think you won't notice carbon tax fuelled price increases until your first electricity bill arrives .. But we're being told to think again.

"It's not just utlities But retail, manufacturing, service industries, 42% of businesses have said they will put up their prices because of the carbon tax." Said Innes Willox Chief executive of Australian Industry Group.

The family Sunday Roast test is telling .. A leg of lamb has risen by fifteen cents. The Vegetables by ten cents. While a six-pack of beer, or a bottle of wine- seven cents.

An overall increase of 32 cents might not stop the weekly roast .. but industry groups are saying it all adds up.

"Other than fresh produce, manufacturing anything you can think of that requires metals and plastics, these costs are rising." Said Innes Willox

The Australian Dream has just become a little more distant. The tax has added $3,667 to the cost an average home... Labour, Bricks, and Concrete all on the rise.


Average Increase Overall- $3667

Labour Costs- $613.00

Bricks- $505.00

And Concrete- $501.00

All legitimate increases.. but the Government's consumer watchdog warns consumers and businesses to question and report dubious price hikes.

"We've set up a Carbon Claims hotline on 1300 303 609 and businesses and consumers can ring in if they've got queries on either how carbon price works for their business their rights in regards to that or secondly if they've got a complaint or a query about a particular business." Said Michael Schaper