Cancer Auction

Reporter: Cassie Silver

Less than a year ago Leanne was a healthy 30 year old mother of two, "I just didn't feel 100% and I can't really explain how it was just pulls and twinges on my left hand side"

Four GP's and three specialists all telling her nothing was wrong. "Every doctor we saw kept dismissing it saying it's just muscle damage, it's in your back everywhere else than where is ended up being" Then, the night before they're wedding day a doctor confirmed, what they'd dreaded, Leanne was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. "We chose to be happy and celebrate the wedding for what it was and we would deal with it on the Monday but for the Saturday it was out of bounds"

"The problem is that it can be mistaken for lots of different things so the symptoms are quite vague" Helen Clarke knows Leanne's story all too well. "I was diagnosed just over 18 months ago in November 2010 and looking back I did have symptoms but i didn't recognise them for what they were" An ambassador for Ovarian Cancer Australia, Helen says the statistics are frightening, "there's about 1200 Australian women each year diagnosed with ovarian cancer and about 800 deaths a year"

So what should women look out for?

Abdominal pain

Pelvic bloating;

Needing to go to the toilet often or urgently

And difficulty eating or feeling full quickly.

Helen says "that is what ovarian cancer Australia want to do is make women more aware of the four main signs and symptoms" Luckily, Leanne caught her cancer in the nick of time. Leanne counts her lucky stars now she's hoping to raise awareness and money for others holding an online auction with some hot ticket items.

Further Details

If you would like to donate items to the online auction please contact or visit their Facebook page

**Website bidding starts on Monday.**