Boss Giveaway

Reporter: Jacqui Quist

He's a small businessman with a big heart, panel beater Arthur Matsakos giving the gift of a lifetime. His $150,000 car restoration business on offer, free to a deserving new owner.

"Am I the most generous person in Australia? Look, I don't know but I guess I'm having a good go. I like helping people, I like doing a lot for people and I think it'd be great for somebody who really needs that start in life", said Arthur Matsakos.

Arthur's generosity sparked by the latest round of job losses as he watched in horror as some of Australia's biggest companies have shed 32,000 workers in the last 6 months, only just this week, Toyota axing 350 of its employees. Arthur's home state of Victoria now the unemployment epicentre with 1,000 full time positions lost every week, 24,200 jobs gone in the past 6 months. In New South Wales 35,400 workers made redundant and 16,200 have been laid off in Queensland.

Now a chance to become your own boss. For 48 year old Arthur, he started his business from scratch 8 years ago. He now takes home $120,000 a year. More than enough to fund a comfortable life in Camperdown, 200 kilometres south west of Melbourne. Here a 3 bedroom Edwardian is yours for $275,000 and even cheaper, a 3 bedroom family home for $179,000.

Arthur had this to say about Camperdown, "Rental is available, great cafes great pubs. It's a really nice town with a great post office. The staff in the post office are fantastic. It's just a wonderful place and people are very friendly".

Mal Cucinotta is spending his second week at home without pay after car parts manufacturer, APV went into administration. He is one of 120 workers waiting for a lifeline

"That's unbelievable. Tthe guy deserves a medal. I think a lot of the guys will have to try and get into an other type of field of work because the automotive isn't going to give them any security at all and I think everyone can see that so I think it's time to look elsewhere", said Mal.

Kirrilee Trist is Head of Communications for the Salvation Army's Employment Plus Program

"These things can open the doors to new opportunities and new industries. This is a really good example of how an opportunity can come out of the blue sometimes, and something that you completely don't expect and never of dreamt of, can come out of the kindness of a stranger", said Kirrilee. And if you're not quite up to speed, Arthur will be on hand for the first three months to help out. He's nailing down a new venture and says the only expense to the next owner on the panel beater business is a $1,200 a month lease on the factory.

"I'd like to see someone that was really struggling that would like to take it on. There's a hoist there, a big 3 phase compressor, that all goes with the business. It's all there ready to go. It's very reasonable and you can make the lease payment in a couple of days. Actually you can make that on one job", said Arthur

According to Mal, "For a young person who is starting out and I guess if he's got a little bit of knowledge of it, it probably is a great thing to give it a go. If I was 25, I probably would have given it a go but at my age I think my kids would like me in Melbourne".

Prospective owners should be keen to relocate, they must have references and be prepared to keep the goodwill flowing

"I give pensioner discounts 20% off senior card holders pension card holders and I also give them a $25 voucher to the local BP service station or bakery so it gives them something back as well. Camperdown is a great opportunity for someone.", said Arthur.

In the past 24 hours, Arthur has received 300 inquiries. If you think you have what it takes email him on: