Bonds Giveaway

Reporter: Adene Cassidy

Famous faces.. Huge stars.. Australian legends.. Big names brought together for Australia's biggest clothing giveaway "Well I've been called an icon I'm not quite sure what it means it's a little painting you find in Greek churches of the virgin Mary with cracks all over her face." joked Dame Edna. And if there are any cracks starting to appear on dame Edna's face, it was hard to see them at this photo shoot for bonds birthday project. But they don't just want famous faces bonds is looking for 35 000 everyday Aussies to join the celebration. One for every day bonds has been about.

"People always say bonds is an iconic Aussie brand but I don't think people realise it's been around since 1915 so that's 97 years and so this birthday project is about finding the faces of bonds over those 97 years so we want everyone to claim their birthdate." Said Sarah Murdoch. Grandmas, grandpas, babies, Mums and dads, will be given a bonds t-shirt bearing their birthdays alongside these very famous Aussies "I've only had a few birthdays but 18 was pretty special i rocked up at the department of transport and got my boat license i was pretty happy about that." Said Jessica Watson

"There you go ... I have nothing to hide ... you've got to do your own sums ... I'm not very good at math's you will have to help me ... 1943 ... 1943 come on ... 68 going on 69." Said Michael Caton"I can't avoid it can I? When you've been a public figure everybody knows your age so why pretend you're not 91 when you are." admitted Liz Kirkby. And while most were happy to reveal their age and talk birthdays, there was one lady in the room who just wouldn't toe the line."No the most memorable birthday in my life was my own, I don't remember it in detail I can remember a sort of long red tunnel but that might have been later because I don't think many of us remember the moment of birth. but it was very auspicious time, apparently all the stars were wonderful and I was on the cusp of your Uranus."

Clearly dame Edna and bonds are on the cusp of the changing world of advertising with companies spending big bucks to involve their customers. "It used to be that it was easy enough just to make an ad, a 30 second ad, put it on television and reach everybody and that was job done, put an Australian celebrity in it and you've connected. These days it's a lot more complicated."

Mumbrella's media and marketing expert Tim Burrowes says it's about entertaining and involving, no longer about telling and selling "I think this is one of the most interesting campaigns I've seen all year. The fact there is a big, centralised idea that the public can get involved in This idea that everyone is going to be rushing to claim their birthday - that's really big involvement and that's absolutely the holy grail that the advertisers are going for." He said