Big Help Mob

Reporter: Graeme Butler

You've probably heard of flash mobs. They're the dancing, youtube-fueled viral sensations, when strangers suddenly show up and perform on mass.

But now, there's the Big Help Mob. This mob's not about entertainment - but simply giving others a hand.

"Our mission is to make doing good as mainstream as cheeseburgers and breathing." Tim Kenworthy is the 23 year old Perth whiz kid do-gooder who helped dream up a brand new way to volunteer - for the internet generation. "We find a lot of people around my age have this urge to somehow be useful to other people or the planet and they often don't know where to go or where to start"

Big Help Mob uses the internet to put the call out for volunteers at a moment's notice. Their simple online approach is getting results.

Today the call's gone out to plant thousands of trees to reclaim a degraded wetland in Claremont. "It's my first time actually. I got dragged down by a friend who sent me a text and said 'hey wanna come down and help plant trees?' and i said yeah that sounds like a good way to spend an afternoon." Rocky McGellan is typical of the Big Help Mob. Young, keen, wanting to make a difference. "I think it's fantastic it's probably one of the best things that you can use the internet for sure it's a massive waste of time a lot of the time but being able to connect people together to get something down in the real world is I think real powerful."

"I love volunteering it's such a good way to spend your time it's fun." Chloe Dempsey's a Big Help Mob regular. "I saw it on Facebook initially then I signed up to their newsletter signing up to big help mob you just register on line with your Facebook or whatever get sent the details. Show up yeah so it's really simple."

Down in Hamilton Hill, the mob is back in action - giving pensioner Fay Good a garden tidy up. The lush garden was her husband's pride and joy, but these days - alone - Fay relies on a helping hand to keep it pruned back and weed free. The Big Help Mob often works with other volunteer groups, supplying people power to get jobs done quickly.

Not just green thumbs, the Mob volunteers for anything. Household maintenance, rubbish disposal, even organising public events. "I like the fact that it's not the same thing all the time and that it's not going to be the same thing every time. Also that it gets me out of the house because I feel people my age don't get out of the house enough so it's a good excuse to get outside." And the phenomenon could be about to take off - with the launch of a smart phone app this weekend. (August 18)

And if you'd like to join the big help mob - follow the link