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Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

Fancy fridges, pricey pantries, custom built benches, kitchens so cool--they're the hottest room in the house

Griff Morris is the Housing Industry Association's chief judge

"In a great kitchen you must make sure it works, you can have a great kitchen but it doesn't necessarily mean it works" After inspecting kitchens across Perth Griff will give his gong to the best in the west if your the jealous type you might want to look away.

First, the best new kitchen over $45 000 dollars. "It is the best room in the house, for us it's the heart of our home" Owners david and antonette agreed to give us a cook's tour. They're favourite feature an induction cooktop. Then there's the benchtop, big enough to land a jumbo jet. "This is a huge workspace for us a big wide bench with nice big draws on each side" Draws that don't slam, a fridge you cant find and a special space for the kids.

David says "this is our casual eating area where the kids get up and have some breakfast, weve got all our appliances hidden in this cupboard" You reckon that's neat check this out no need for a dust pan, when you've got this little sucker.

Next, a display home with a difference. Sleek, smooth, stylish and all in a small space. Griff says "you have three seperate workspaces, and theyre all interconnected, and seperate at the same time"

Appliances are top of the wazza and there's oodles of storage. "You've got this wonderful pantry space, lots of pantry area as well youve got this fantastic coolroom have a look inside, it's huge, you could almost have a party in here"

Now, drumroll here it is WA's BEST kitchen. Dave Steadman says "you would have to say it's the Rolls Royce of kitchens" A triple award winning kitchen worth a hundred and seventy thousand dollars. Dave Steadman is the designer, "the feature is the centre island bar" Six hundred kilos of Italian granite with a stainless steel trough down the middle. "It's plumbed in so it's got a drain in it, we take all the clients knives and we custom make the knife block to suit each knife" There's also space for bottles, chopping boards and "you can take all these things out and fill it with ice and put wine and cold drinks it acts as an esky" Not that you'de need to "looks like cupboards, but it's actually a fridge freezer here we got the fridge ..and the freezer is here, all integrated into the cabinet work .. wow they're massive arent they, theyre huge" Imported from America, the fridges cost more than a small car, "they're about $25 000"

Then there's the draws to the floor, duct cleaner, walk in pantry and an area specially catering for the cook. The steamer is built into the bench ... and across the counter, a second work station for serving and washing up.

The bling might be nice, but according to Griff, what makes a dream kitchen is design, and a couple of simple rules:

make sure there is a danger zone - a space for anything hot, wet, and sharp

and a seperate area for appliances, that has easy access

Griff says "the public zone you want to keep that out of the danger zone of the cook"

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