The word is we may be on the brink of another mortgage interest rate rise. If it's another 0.25%, as predicted, that will add another $48 to a $300,000 mortgage and $64 monthly to a $400,000 loan. The good news - there are some fantastic new loans out there at very low rates that can cut hundreds of dollars a months off your mortgage repayments. Helen Wellings has this exclusive report announcing the winners of the best home loans, the best lenders, the lowest interest rates and the top features on offer.

It's dog-eat-dog in the lending market - the competition's become fiery hot. Since last October, interest rate rises have added another $283 to average monthly repayments. The good news - many weaker non-bank lenders have disappeared, the remaining lenders are fighting for your business.

Nicola Xu took out a mortgage early this year on a low interest rate of 6.43%. On a $300,000 loan, going with the 6.43% interest rate instead of a competitor's 8% saves $115,200 over 30 years, $320 a month! Where can you get 6.43%.

Non-bank on-line lender, Ratebusters Fightback Premium has taken out the Gold 2010 Mortgage of the Year Award for the fourth time for its ultra-low 6.43% interest rate.

Ratebusters Angela Cooney says "Extremely excited, it's the forth time that we've won it… No it's not a honeymoon rate, it's absolutely standard variable rate, so when you're comparing it to the big four banks standard variable rate, it is literally almost 1% below."

Your Mortgage Magazine's independent team assessed the true cost of over 1000 products, variable, fixed, standard, basic, first home, investment and reverse mortgages. Clair Preen says low interest rates weren't the only criteria.

"We've taken the ongoing and the up-front fees and included those into the interest rates so you can see like for like and get a true comparison…we've looked at the features of the loan, we've looked at the flexibility of the loan ....also the customer service" says Clair.

"Application fees are actually zero, redraw fees, no redraw fees, no ongoing fees, no annual fees, money saving offset accounts" says Angela.

You apply on-line for Ratebusters Fightback Premium but customer service won for them too.

"We don't have any overseas call centres, ... so you're always talking to somebody local" adds Angela.

"The GFC made everybody re-engage with their customers and their consumers in a different way, and we are focused on providing for value, being open and transparent, and especially about giving better service" says Mark Melvin.

Your Mortgage Magazine voted the NAB the Bank of the Year. Mark Melvin General Manager of NAB Personal Banking says NAB's 3 year fixed mortgage plus its line-of-credit loan clinched the GOLD, and its 5 year fixed won Silver.

"It's a great rate, it's a flexible product, it's an innovative product, it allows customers to redraw on their loan, it allows customers to make earlier repayments" says Mark.

Best Non-Bank Lender of the Year - Homestar won for 6 different products with zero up-front costs. Building Society/Credit Union of the Year - CUA for best introductory and fixed loans.

"Anybody who's looking to get a mortgage or wanting to switch mortgages at the moment, the information with these awards is so valuable for the consumers, all the hard work has been done .... it'll give you the knowledge that you need to go forward and get a mortgage that you're happy with" says Angela.

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