Best Fragrances

Reporter: Georgia Main

The festive season is upon us, or should we say the fragrance season? : $330 million worth of the latest perfumes, afters shaves and scents is being sold right now.

But no longer should you rely on buying yet another bottle of that familiar signature scent. "A lot of customers want something unique, more personal", said French fragrance expert Sylvain Pereira.

Sylvain has been trained by some of the biggest perfume houses in the world and is now passing on his expertise at Myer's brand new Gallerie De Parfum.

It's the first of its kind in Australia, where you'll find 120 boutique and hard to find fragrances from around the world. "When someone asks what you're wearing it's great to be able to say it's Josephine created in 1805", Sylvain said.

One collection was commissioned by Napolean Bonaparte 200 years ago for his first wife. "It's got May Rose a divine rose from the South of France -- she wanted something very soft something with a nice trail, so that people would know she'd been in a room when she'd left the room. Josephine is $175 which is a really good price for such high quality fragrance", Sylvain said.

Believe it or not, a bottle of Caron perfume is worth $7,000. "We have sold one. It's highly exclusive, to me that's the ultimate indulgence in perfumery", Sylvain said.

While boutique fragrances grow in demand, for now it's still the well known brands that dominate the market. According to Frank Cavanagh, Myer's National Buyer of Cosmetics, a new trend has emerged. "Men are now prepared to wear women's fragrances. I must say there's more generic fragrances out there -- a floral is a floral whether it's a men's or women's fragrance", he said.

Dani Suntup is a self confessed fragrance freak. "I think I own probably 120 to 130. I wear different fragrances everyday", Dani said.

And Dani's golden rule is you don't have to pay top dollar to smell good. "You can spend $200 on a bottle of fragrance and it might not last on your skin or you could spend $60 and the $60 one could be the one that attracts comments all day", she said.

Sarah Heska from The Perfume Conection, travels the world searching for fragrances to bring back to Australia. "I just come back from France, so Paris and Cannes in the South of France, for a big world trade fair. At the moment we have around 1000 different fragrances", she said.

With so many to choose from, here's the advice from the experts to get you on the right scent. "People have different skin tones, different pores in their skin, so it's always best to try it on your skin see how the fragrance reacts with you and if you can live with that fragrance", Sarah said.

"A great tip for me when you spray perfume is to spray behind the ears and nape of the neck, the pusle points as well, so your nose doesn't saturate", Sylvain said.

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