Reporter: Mark Gibson

Four basketball boys from the 'burbs who've become worldwide hits.But, have they met their match? A 75 metre shot at history. See how they go in a moment. From the Narrows Bridge, to Kings Park's D.N.A. Tower.They tamed the twelfth floor of the Raffles apartments.Paterson's Stadium? That was a pushover. They decided to mix things up a bit.

All of that is child's play, compared with this. We've taken the boys to the Boya quarry, east of Perth.It's a 60 metre cliff face.. the ring is set up 15 metres from the base. Time to set up the ring. No tricks, no secrets.. just four friends, a bunch of basketballs and a long walk towards a 75 metre world record attempt.

"I've been coming here since 1977 and this is the first time I've seen anything like this." Terry Hewett from "Adventure Out" pulls no punches when it comes to just how dangerous this is. "If anyone was to slip and stumble and go over the edge, you will be killed." It's Terry's job to make sure nothing goes wrong.

It doesn't take long for the enormity of the challenge to sink in. Twice they hit the ring, but the ball doesn't go in. Adventure man Terry's not sounding too confident.

With a howling wind and rain on the way, they decide to call it off.. but far from defeated, they're back for a second day.

"It's a lot bigger than anything we've done before. Yeah, 60 metres, it's massive but I think we'll get this one." So, drumroll please. Here's what happens with Brett's second throw of the day. Take another look.. they call themselves "How Ridiculous" and this really is ridiculous.

This American shot is thought to be the previous world record. To see if our local lads beat it, let's split the screen and get the stop watch running. 3.8 versus five seconds in the air. How Ridiculous takes the title by 1.2 seconds. An unofficial world record.

"Guys you've done it. The quarry's got nothing on us, the quarry is done. There's only one question remaining.

"How are you going to top this? Oh wow, do it twice in a row, probably have to start going out of the state I reckon. I don't know, Bankwest tower, off the top of there? Can you get us through there? Whatever opportunities we get we'll go for cos our confidence is sky high."

The boys are called "How Ridiculous" and the charity is called "Compassion."