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Reporter: Graeme Butler

There are many reasons people love Bali... good food... good lifestyle and all at a franction of the cost of Australia - throw into the mix the fact it's closer to Perth than Sydney and Mebourne and no wonder it's popularity is soaring - Bali's like a second home for many west australians 400,000 of us visit here every year but for some people a holiday's not enough they're actually moving here to call bali home.

John Taylor and his wife Annie moved up to Bali three and a half years ago - renting out their Willetton home to help cover the cost of renting in Sanur. "We rent a three bedroom villa here with a swimming pool and nice gardens which costs us 12 - 13 thousand Australian dollars we have a full time maid we have a pool boy who comes in two or three times a week we have a mosquito man who comes in 2 or 3 times a week" John and Annie have joined a growing number of retirees who are living a lifestyle they just couldn't afford back in Australia. "We love the food here we love the people the culture just to be able to walk down on the beach we're two minutes away from the beach it doesn't get any better than that really"

Paula Gillham is another aussie who is making her retirement money stretch to a lifestyle she could only ever dream about back in Australia eating out all the time, a luxury home and not forgetting staff. "It's nice to have somebody clean up after you to do your daily house chores, to clean the pool. I did that back in Australia myself i had a creepy crawly but here I've got a nice pool man"

Gary Leighton from Bali Expat services says it's easier for people to make the move to Bali than they might think, especially retirees like John and Annie. "People retire here you've just got to be over 55 years old show an income of around $1500 a month have a property and employ a maid full time which the cost of that is minimal as well" Gary splits his time between Bali and Perth he helped set up Bali Expat services to primarily assist with visa issues and help with property settlements in the growing property market for people actually wanting to buy in Bali. He says there are traps buyers need to avoid, simple things like ensuring you have documents interpreted into English. "Everything has to be legally checked that's what we do with property before you buy the property the land check, building licence check which is Land and the actual building and make sure it's all owned by the correct people" Property ownership in Bali also operates differently to that in Australia and you should seek advice about the market and conditions before jumping in. "In the Seminayak area most of the properties are leasehold there is simply no more freehold available very little freehold available but the leasehold structure have been evolved and you're now getting leasehold that have extensions built in guaranteed" Dominique Gallman from Exotiq is a Bali real estate agent he says properties range from multi-million dollar dream homes - to more affordable but still luxurious villas.

"For 250,000 you can get a house with a pool but not in this location but a nice house further up the coast or maybe a bit more inland or on the sanur side toward the east you would find a lovely house below $300,000. This property is in the heart of Seminyak, walking distance to Ku De Ta walking distance to all the restaurants it's quiet as you can see fully built up no surprises" The house has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, an open dining and living area and an open kitchen - for not much more than the price of an average house in Australian, In Bali you can buy the lifestyle of the rich and famous - "if you want a chef you can have a chef coming to you and catering for you. You have people helping you with the gardens they come in twice a week the garden is immaculate the pool is taken care of"

And it's not just West Australians seeking a sea-change who are heading to Bali to live with rents in Perth soaring Fly in Fly out workers from the north west are ditching Perth and heading to paradise on their time off. According to the department of foreign affairs around 7500 Australians now live in Bali, many more are believed to have holiday homes they visit regularly.

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