Bad Backs

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

After years of hard knocks in the ring it's little wonder Danny Green sufferers with back pain but it's not just world champion boxers with bad backs, we're a nation in pain.

"80% of people will experience back pain at some point in their life" Chiropractor, Warren Genders treats people with back pain, every day. "Back pain can be so debilitating, it can stop you being able to sit, it can stop you sleeping, it can stop you enjoying life"

Incredibily, he says, more often than not, a bad back isn't caused by the activities we do but a lack, of doing anything. A recent study revealed some startling statistics australian office workers spend 16 hours a day sitting. and only 73 minutes a day standing. And 70% of us, sit incorrectly.

From the desk to the couch, we fall into one of two categories.

The sloucher and the slumper.

both postures putting enormous pressure on your spine.

Warren says "if you have a poor posture and dont do anything about it, and repeat that day in day out, were going to have a problem" Poor posture is a bad habit that starts young and we're creating a generation of sufferers. "With new technology around they have games and iphones and ipads and they sit down on couches in a slumped position chin on chest" They mightn't feel pain yet but according to the experts they will.

"The sad part of the spine, is the symptoms are the last to come" Chiropractor to the sports stars Noel Patterson has been treating the Green machine for 15 years. "He's really like a formula one racing car, Im just a mechanic, my job is to fine tune him" Like all of Noel's patients Danny's sore back can slowly creep up on him. Danny says "when you slump into a nice soft couch, your sitting their watching tv, i find myself constantly moving, adjusting, thats when it gets really bad"

Then, a simple movement can be the straw that breaks the camel's back, Danny says "went to pick up the telephone oh- i couldnt move, literally couldn't move" To keep his back healthy, Danny constantly works on his posture, even in the car.

So how can you treat your back better?

Well firstly sit right.

Sit you up straight, put your bottom back in the chair, make sure your arms are nice and comfortable slightly more than 90%, knees hips all the same.

Secondly sit less. Two tiny changes that could, save your spine whether your a sports star, or simply sick of having a sore back.


The link for the Sit Right website is: