80% Off

Reporter: Lynda Kinkade

From tonight until Friday, the biggest grocery savings on offer. The best brands at basement prices.

"We're actually offering our customers up to 75% off on the big branded grocery lines", said Kalman.

"Grocery Run" is an off shoot of the successful discount website "Catch of the Day" and it's giving the big two a run for their money.

Manager Kalman Polak says it's fuss free shopping - you're not battling for a car space and a $12 fee delivers the groceries direct to your door.

"We'll list around 150 different products on the first day and we'll add another 50 the next day", said Kalman.


The cut price revolution has now hit the top end fashion world and If you'd like to save a small fortune on the hottest New York fashion trends, it's never been easier

Manager for ShopStyle Australia, Laura Yeoman said many prices are 50% cheaper than in store.

"It's what you'd imagine the world's best mall to look like online", said Laura.

This week Shopstyle Australia opened for business. A virtual shopping centre offering half a million products from 300 of the largest international stores.


"shopstyle.com launched in the States about well over four years ago it instantly became very successful. they then launched in the UK, Europe and Australia launched literally last week", said Laura.

Witnessing the changing trend Aaron Bensimon and partner Anjulie threw in their retail jobs to set up their own store online about 2 months ago called theshopspot.com.au

"I think one of the benefits with shopping online with theshopspot.com.au is being able to exchange items so I guess if someone makes a purchase and realises it just doesnt suit them they're able to send it back to us", said Aaron.

"There are savings from 60% up to 80% off some great products", added Aaron.

"We've got Chloe eyewear, selling at $159, usually $500. Moschino cheap and chic watch selling at $129 and usually retails for $300", said Anjulie.

Delivery is $10 for the first item and 50 cents for each additional item in the same purchase.

These online sites are cashing in on a market that's continuing to gain strength and in the past five years, Aussie shoppers have been buying more and more international brands with the click of a mouse.

In 2005, 14% of online fashion spending by Australians went to offshore companies and, last year that shot up to 43%.

Dr Colin McLeod is from the Australian Centre for Retail studies said "Something like $12 billion is going overseas. I think the most obvious thing in the current environment is the Australian dollar and that's whats driving a bit of a boom. It's been growing over the last four or five years by 4 or 5%. We think in the next couple of years it's going to go by 30 or 40%".

That means even tougher times for our department stores unless they can steer customers back through their doors.

"We know that both David Jones and Myer have spent a lot of money on refurbishment trying to make the stores more attractive", said Dr McLeod.

Nick Abboud, Executive General Manager of Store Operations at Myer says online can never replace the 'shopping experience' - an experience Myer is investing millions of dollars in.

"We've been listening to our customers and the customers have been telling us there is a big opportunity around customer service and what we're trying to do now is have an investment strategy on fixing that", said Nick.

But the department stores are facing an uphill battle with Australians becoming one of the world's biggest cross border "power shoppers''.

Not wanting to miss out Macy's and Bloomingdale's have announced their own websites will also offer international shipping for Australian customers by the end of the month.

There are some Australian retail stores excelling on both fronts.. Witchery claims its online store is the 4th most profitable out its 80 stores across the country. If other retailers fail to move with the times and get online they risk being left behind like last seasons unpopular trends.

"Witchery have made a decision to treat their online store as a quite distinct business. I think a lot of retailers are struggling with what is our online store. Whenever people ask me that what's the appeal of online shopping my answer's generally all of the above. You know it's price it's convenience it's availability.", said Dr McLeod