Telco Bundling

Reporter: Josh Fajzullin

It's an attractive proposition bundling your home and mobile phone, internet and pay TV bills into one and getting a bonus for it.

You can save up to $30 a month but with hundreds of bundles to choose from all in different combinations, comparing poses a problem.

Canstar Blue's Rebecca Logan surveyed customers using some our most popular carriers. "About 53 per cent of the people that we surveyed actually had a combination of broadband and home phone and just over 30 per cent had a combination of home phone, broadband and mobile phone." She said

From a field of six it was a smaller player who took top spot. Western Australian company Westnet scored 5 stars across the board satisfying its customers the most.

TPG and iiNet also scored well in the price and contract flexibility categories. But Telstra bombed out while rival Optus was ranked mid field. Customer feedback like this wouldn't have helped.

22-year-old Jae Trend was overcharged hundreds of dollars by Optus on her last mobile phone bill. She disputed it that made it worse. She was blacklisted and her credit rating suffered.

"They're not gonna remove it, it's just too bad that's pretty much what they said to me on the phone."

6 months later Optus admitted they were wrong and apologized in writing. But they wouldn't clear her name. 4 years later it's still dragging on. "My life financially is difficult, I can't get credit cards, no loans i can't get a phone in my name." said Jai

A bundle of trouble if she had all her telecommunications with the same company, Optus says it's still working with her to have the issue resolved. While bundling might be more convenient it's not always cost effective, Phone Choice's Doug Purdie says you can save more by shopping around. "You can slash your bills in half by having a look at what you're spending, where you're spending it, and making some changes." He said