Security Camera

Reporter: Graeme Butler

This was the police car ramming that played out in front of shocked on-lookers in Nollamara, but like more and more crimes it also played out in front of security cameras. Here is the vision of that incident shown for the first time. Watch the mini in the top of frame waiting. The police car pulls around and is then rammed. The camera capturing the evidence is part of the City of Stirling's crackdown on crime.

"We've got a very good relationship with police. We've been working with them for a number of years now in relation to the installation of these cameras. With every instance we get footage of good evidence that we've handed to police for prosecution" says Mayor David Boothman.

Stirling Mayor David Boothman says more than a 100 cameras are now watching hotspots around the suburbs.

Chris Cassidy from the police union says Cameras in the suburbs are not only keeping the public safer, they're helping police do their job.

Already cameras have caught hoons in the act, idiots doing burn outs and graffiti attacks on buildings in the dead of night.

City of Stirling cameras caught this at a Balga Medical Centre in January. Again it's being shown here for the first time in the hope someone will identify the culprits and contact police. The city hopes someone who knows them and anyone else caught on camera committing crime will dob them in.

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